It's not even E3, but has Nintendo made a grave mistake product unveil already?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "But one bit of news from the Pre-E3 show greatly concerned me. It might turn out to be nothing more than my own paranoia, but that Wii U Pro Controller is a terrible idea."

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mike1up2180d ago

and that "very good point" would be....?

EVILDEAD3602180d ago

I've said this ALL year..

If Nintendo was only using that giant tablet and old Wii-motes as controllers they completely lost next gen befire it even started.

Emulating the 360 controller is HUGE for them. Now people who own the console will actually want to play games like Call of Duty and the huge list of multi-plats that are out there.

IMO though if they don't include at leat one pro-controller out of the box then they are hurting themselves.


supremacy2180d ago

looks like a 360 controller, i have a feeling next gen is going to be all about networks. Xbox live have dominated this area for sometime now, but i hear Nintendo like Sony have begun hiring the pros to take care of their network needs.

But on topic, this is just Nintendo trying to cover their bases in case their main controller doesn't quite take off, and its something they can gear towards the ps360 crowd before the ps4 and the next xbox land.

ChickeyCantor2180d ago

Looks like it accepts mini-usb for power.
This means someone will create a windows driver for it as well just like they did with the PS3 controller.

This to me gives more value to the controller =D

ginsunuva2180d ago

Nintendo is a gen behind

hellztourguide4202180d ago

you know what else is behind? My wiener is behind your butthole.

Khordchange2180d ago

thats a very dumb complaint. Complaining about options? Really?

EcoSos32180d ago

People will always find something to complain about and more if it is from Nintendo.

kesvalk2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

not only that, but he fails to realise the controller is not a cop-out, but a controller made for you to play the games that are not "tablet intensive"

why would you use a tablet in COD multiplayer play aside from map and score boards? and you don't need to be holding it in your hands to use them like that...

same with smash, you don't need the tablet for fighting games, so you use the more compact and easily gripped one...

it will prolly works in all games (it have the same buttons anyway) and if you don't mind looking at your lap or table to look at the tablet screen, i don't see a problem...

ChickeyCantor2180d ago

Clearly this controller will also be used for Virtual console games. Not just the option for developers.

ronin4life2180d ago

I don't really agree. You can most likely set up the wiiu pad and use it as a mini tv, and play the on screen game with this controller. It is about adding extra possibilities and choices. The wiiu tab will always be an integral part of the console.

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