E3 2012: Five Titles the PS Vita Needs

"The E3 2012 Sony Press Conference kicks of tomorrow night and we will be seeing what the second wave of Vita titles have in store for us. So far, the Vita hasn’t been having the best of luck with the titles that have been released. The launch titles were a bit of a letdown and Resistance: Burning Skies was a bit of a letdown for those who were looking forward to a good first person shooter on their hand-held." - JPS

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admiralvic2087d ago

Needs Soul Sacrifice or at least another genre...

cpayne932087d ago

Yeah either that or ruin. Hopefully ruin will turn out good, the multiplayer features could be interesting.

remanutd552087d ago

well Call of Duty and Assassins Creed are coming to the system( hopefully this holidays) but i do agree with God of War and Grand Theft Auto

ddurand12087d ago

what a generic, repeat list. cant we just wait till tomorrow? all of these articles have become sickening.

2087d ago