E3 2012: Top 10 Pre-E3 Trailers- And so it begins


"We have seen a few confirmations of new titles (Dead Space 3, third person shooter Star Wars 1313) and rumours of others (Gears of War: Judgement and Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation).

We have also seen some new exciting game trailers revealed prior to the show.

Here are the best of the trailers, in one neat page.

Vote for your favourite below."

Includes reader poll.

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gaminoz2325d ago

I'm glad most trailers are moving away from the CGI only style and actually showing gameplay. Some still aren't though...

I wonder which will get the title of 'most misleading trailer', like Dead Island last year!!!!

REALgamer2325d ago

If only all the CG trailer artists could get together and make a CG movie...

...Would be epic.

gaminoz2325d ago

So true!

Speaking of which, does anyone know what happened to that Resident Evil Damnation CGI one?

BadCircuit2325d ago

Dishonored looks awesome. So does Tomb Raider. If these are just the pre-E3 trailers there must be a heap going to be shown this year.

Belgavion2325d ago

Lords of Shadow 2 trailer wasn't too exciting but it's pleasing a sequel is coming!

gaminoz2325d ago

No, it's very typical Japanese game stuff:

Manly man struts and then jumps into a horde of enemies, destroying them all with wild swings and gritted teeth.

supraking9512325d ago

only good one so far was Dishonored, Tomb Raider trailer made me realize the graphics in-game wont be anything special.

gaminoz2325d ago

I thought they looked pretty good actually?

jessupj2325d ago

Man.... it's a great time to be a gamer :D

BadCircuit2325d ago

It sure is!

I just wonder if anything will surprise us now? So many leaks again, and video trailers put out early.

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