Images of Viking: Battle of Asgard

Sega releases five new images of Viking: Battle of Asgard, the action-strategy game from The Creative Assembly.

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poos33716d ago

this game is a god of war killer it will own all the god of war series the game looks amamzing

Ghoul3716d ago

easy there god of war is mainly the genre king because of the gameplay, and we havent played it yet or did we ?

But yes your right it looks awesome totally my kinda game :D

xionpunk3716d ago

Its gonna have to be extremely awesome to beat GOW. Those games are insanely awesome. I would welcome another kick ass mythological type game however. Vikings is cool.

Dr Pepper3716d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. I didn't know there would be dragons though!

dachiefsman3716d ago

this game has potential....