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Submitted by LaurenKB123 1348d ago | opinion piece

E3 2012 Handheld Battle – Nintendo vs Sony

From the feature editorial:

"Console announcements will be crazy enough at E3, with rumored next-generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft likely getting a mention, and the Wii-U taking the forefront of the Nintendo announcements after a tweet from them confirmed that launch titles would be announced. In all of the fuss surrounding consoles this year, will the two new handhelds see anything new for them? I’m hoping so, and here’s why." (3DS, E3, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Nintendo, PS Vita, Sony, Soul Sacrifice)

LaurenKB123  +   1348d ago
The Vita has it in the bag if they can bring out some A+ games....
Machioto  +   1348d ago
I do not know why you have so many disagrees because your post was written hypothetically.
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Sanquine90  +   1348d ago
Simple , fanboys. If he/she said 3DS is awesome and will own the vita. She/he will get downvotes from Playstation fanatics.
UltimaEnder  +   1348d ago
It's tough because Nintendo has a ton of franchises, big ones
ronin4life  +   1348d ago
Most of what is shown for Vita will be ps3 multiplatform games. Last E3, the 3ds support was underwhelming(not awful, but definitely nowhere near enough of a showing), and the lead up to e3 dev wise was the cause: there just wasn't much going on, or at least not much that could be shown. The Vita has a similar atmosphere to what the 3ds had last year, save for ports and multiplatform games. There's nothing necessarily wrong with this, but if the Vita wants to be successful in the long run and increase dev support, it will need true exclusives you cannot get anywhere else. Otherwise, it will never reach the levels of success that would boost developer confidence and software support. Like I said, There's nothing wrong with having ports, but you need the exclusive games as well or else what's the point?

For the 3ds, there are plenty of Japanese games yet to be released/confirmed for the West, and Nintendo has promised we will start to see Western developers show their stuff at the show. Expect Confirmations on N3ds games long awaited, and maybe a few new ones as well. There will be plenty of content and support for the 3ds at E3.
MasterCornholio  +   1348d ago
Sony will put up a good fight at E3 but all it takes is one Mario game and its game over for them.

But anyways Sony will still have plenty to show. I am excited for the next Vita update which will add PSX support.


Your a bit obsessed with calling everything a port on the Vita. If i recall correctly you claimed that AC3 Liberation is a port when the reality is that it isn´t one.

"I don't see much happening for the vita this year, save for nearly every big ps3 game getting portable ports. The level of electricity is eerily similar to the 3ds pre e3 2011, which got some good coverage but nowhere near what it deserved or needed.
For Sony, I think there will be 1 or 2 unannounced games overall, with a strong focus on ps3.

For Nintendo, wiiu details and a ton of games. 3ds will also have a good show of western made and Japanese localization ann... #7.2"

So? What do you expect Sony to announce?
Most likely killzone or little big planet... same as every year.
Nintendo gets a lot of flack for doing the same thing everyone else does. So, its okay if the vita is full of ps3 games, but Nintendo can't make a brand new game in a respected series?

You are also forgetting the amount of flexibility of each individual title: kirby mass attack, epic yarn and return to dreamland are ENTIRELY different ga... #1.3.3"

"You guys are both forgetting about the 3ds.... it already has an incredible lineup incoming, and it will only get better at e3 according to Nintendo.

I expect the vita to have a similar show as the 3ds did last year(edit: good, but not enough.), with one difference: most of the ps3 games showcased will be on the vita as well.(it wouldn't surprise me if that is Sony's big announcement this year.) #20.1.1"

Anyways E3 starts tomorrow so we will see if what you said about the Vita having 80% ports will be true or not. Also i believe that you have a ton of faith in Nintendo with your comment where you claimed that Nintendo saved the Video game industry twice already once with the NES and the second time with the Wii and then you act like the PS2 didnt do anything which i find hard to believe since its the best selling console in gaming history.
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ronin4life  +   1348d ago
I don't think that was me...
I don't even know anything detail wise about Assassins creed 3 vita.
And it's not like everything on Vita is a port. Gravity Rush releases soon, and Soul Sacrifice was confirmed for western release. LBPVita is also an upcoming game, although I personally expect LBP3 to be announced and the Vita game may be a portable version of it (or maybe just be cross compatible).
But the majority of announcements, upcoming games and rumors are currently for Multiplatform games and ports.

Reading my own comments is kinda spooky...

I can't see the future. I'm just going off what I know and making guesses based of an accumulative gathering of knowledge, rumors, and history.
Who knows. Sony could burst out a dozen exclusive Vita Games. Nintendo could have nothing. I'm just basing my thoughts off what I'm able to see, and I can't see everything. So I could be absolutely wrong(or in part), and I'm definitely not going to be 100% right. But this is what I think may happen, or has a good chance of occurring.

The wait for E3 is unbearable...@o@
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Rainstorm81  +   1348d ago
I agree and it wont be Mario but Super smash bros or Pokemon and everyone will give tons of credit to the 3ds.....But the PSV lineup would appeal to me much more, after seeing those few screenshots of AC3 liberation, those are the types of games id want but i must be the minority
Sanquine90  +   1348d ago
@ Master , i disagree on the faqt the focus of sony is going to be on the ps3. The ps3 has some fantastic exclusives and therefore does not need a life jacket. The vita on the other hand need a big push to start up. We need exclusives and sony will deliver them since the playstation brand is profitable and they want to keep it that way.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1348d ago
In terms of handheld importance, Pokemon >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>> Mario and it really isn't even close.
Unexpecta  +   1348d ago
V for Vita is closest to W for Winner.
ronin4life  +   1348d ago
Ah, but a single line can turn an "N" into a "W"....
lol. ^__^;
Gr81  +   1348d ago

Listen, I am not really a handheld gamer but the Vita vs 3DS 'battle' is non existent at this point. 3ds is crushing it right now. Vita needs to concern itself with not being a drain on sony's financials. Actually, Nintendo should concern itself with the same goal as 3ds has cost them a heap of ca$h.
user172042   1348d ago | Spam
KionicWarlord222  +   1348d ago
If were talking about sales 3ds has 16 million sold...which is if im correct is 6 times vitas sales.

Games on each system will be extremely debatable as both system sells.

The only battle other battle i see would be Sony and nintendo increasing there media apps and social media on your device.

Personally i think sony`s doing a good job with handling that so far.
MrSega  +   1348d ago
I think that Mario don't have all this preference today.
Today I see several games with the same or superior quality than Nintendo games.

In my opinion Sony already is a developer superior than nintendo. And I know other people that not think that nintendo has all this hegemony.

I Love nintendo, but today looks like nintendo don't know
very well how to do games for hardcore gamers... Mario 3D Land it's a example... it's the easier Mario ever, made to 5 years old childrens...
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mamotte  +   1348d ago
So you actually think that 5 year old childrens, and grow up people, and other people different than you doesnt deserve the right to play videogames? I dont know, maybe Nintendo games are made for people that are not you. Just dont buy'em.
cpayne93  +   1348d ago
Didn't Myamoto say that 3d land was supposed to be easier for kids? Because if he did, he has the wrong idea. I got super mario 64 when I was six, I had never really played a video game before and I wasn't too good at it but I adored that game, still do actually. Because of the difficulty, every success, every star found made the game that much more incredible for me.

I think Myamoto drastically underestimated kids in that statement.
mamotte  +   1348d ago
The amount of games the DS and 3DS as exclusives -REALLY exclusives- is waaay bigger than the Vita. Personally, the only reason I'd have for buying a vita is Gravity Rush. Same as the only reason -at least for me- for buying a PSP was Patapon. Sony need to stop their plans of "lets bring great games for vita" to "lets make great games for vita". That day, I'll consider Sony a contender in the handheld market. It's about giving the Vita it's own personality. But as it's now, it's just the PS3's little brother.
MrSega  +   1348d ago
What matters is having good games, I played all the games of Nintendo, and now I have nothing good to play in my 3DS ... In fact today I think the list of VITA games has higher level.

I prefer a port of GTA:5 for VITA than a exclusive version like Chinatown Wars.
mamotte  +   1348d ago
Well, your point is really true, cant deny you that, even if it reduces all to personal tastes. The problem is, it's the same strategy Sony used to the PSP, and it failed -relatively-. The difference between nintendo and sony, is that sony manages their handhelds as an extension of their home systems. And that hurts the system. Maybe not the games, but the system itself. At this rate, the Vita will never get out of the shadow of the PS3. Nintendo treats their handheld systems as a different console. Even with the same characters, the experiences are completely different. While you had 3d mario in Wii, you had 2D mario in DS. And not only that, we all had exclusive DS games that are hard to find in other places, like Elite Beat Agents, Phoenix Wright, TWEWY, Picross 3D, and the list can go on and on.

It's about giving the Vita games you can only play on Vita. Not just good games you can play with little to no difference on PS3. They could try to make Uncharted a 2D platformer for Vita, at least.
Sanquine90  +   1348d ago
Agree , Sony need exclusives titles that you can not buy on the console counterparts. Some examples: Gravity rush (as you mentioned above)Soul sarcrafice ( New game seek it up).
ThePsychoGamer  +   1348d ago
For me it's simple, one handheld locks you out of playing certain games, while the other doesn't.

IMO the one that doesn't lock you out is better.

Break the locks.
izumo_lee  +   1348d ago
It will always be a tough battle for Sony to get the upperhand on Nintendo in the portable scene cause of Nintendos brand recognition and mainstream audience.

What Sony can actually hope for is the same level of success that the PSP garnered (even if it was pirated to death) & at least take some of the market away from Nintendo. Doing that is a success in my eyes for Sony & the Vita.

However if the Vita can get some AAA games that are unlike their console versions with entirely different experience it will go a long way to gain a more mainstream audience that Nintendo has basically conquered.

Even better if the Vita can give you that experience with a price close to that of the 3DS it too will boost the recognition the Vita needs to be a worthy rival to Nintendos juggernaut.
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MrSega  +   1348d ago
one question:

For you, Mario 3D Land provides a totally different experience, which is not possible on consoles? Or New Super Mario? To me they are two games are completely playable
On consoles...

Other mainly games of 3DS are ports/remakes of console games... like Street Fighter, Zelda, Star Fox.

Mário Kart is totally possible on consoles....

No one of this games provides a ENTIRELY different experience..

I have a 3DS, and I love Nintendo, but I'm not a Blind Nintendo Fanboy or Sony Hater..
But I ever see people charge of Sony things that Nintendo or any other provide...

We Only need good games, be a port, multiplatform, new, exclusive, remake.. No matter
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izumo_lee  +   1348d ago
I think i should have worded my post differently. What i am trying to say is that the Vita needs to differentiate itself from the console.

You see all those Resistance Burning Skies reviews? The game is a new experience for a handheld, a FPS on a handheld is cool but for the most part all these reviews compare it to the console which is unfair. So whenever the Vita gets a game similar to the console i can guarantee you the reviews will compare it.

That is what the Vita needs to try to get away from. I am all for good games of all sorts, it is just too bad that some people do not look at it the same way.

My post was not suppose to be negative to Sony or Nintendo or was it positive either. I was just saying that Sony will gladly accept the same level of success of the PSP but if they are able to pass Nintendo it will be a massive achievement. Like i said it will be extremely difficult but not impossible.

Nintendo can roll out a new Mario, Zelda, Pokemon to be successful but Sony does not have a brand as huge as those mentioned. Other than Gran Turismo Sony does not have a recognizable name in the eyes of the mainstream audience.
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DivineAssault  +   1348d ago
ummm price drop & AAA titles will drive vita thru the roof! theres alot of great games already coming so memory price drop, bundled w the system, & $30 off the console itself.. Vitas graphics & features BLOW 3DS into last gen.. I have em both & clearly see the differences.. right now vita has quality 3rd party while nintendo has quality 1st & revelations...

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