Power Cords: A Link to the Past Retro-Review

Power Cords returns to their roots to review fan-favorite, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and how it stands up to today's gaming standards.

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--Onilink--2182d ago (Edited 2182d ago )

blasphemy!!! this game is A+++, lol

definitely my favorite zelda game of all time(might actually be my favority games of all time)

izumo_lee2182d ago

This is by far my fave Zelda game of all time cause i had so memories of it when i was a wee lad. Finishing this game felt like a true accomplishment!! So good!!!

This stands next to Ocarina of Time as the pinnacle of the series.

--Onilink--2182d ago

i remember it took me and a neighboor like a month (maybe more)to finish this game

izumo_lee2182d ago

I clearly remember that the desert palace was the place that i did not know how to solve when i was younger. I think i spent days trying to figure out where to go & what to do next.

Oh fun times!

Fatty2182d ago

"A Link to the Past does very little in terms of handholding"

Oh crap, a game that makes you actually figure things out rather than get a brightly marked path or a guy with "follow" above his head.