PS Vita: Sales Of Uncharted Golden Abyss Tops 500k Worldwide

This month's issue of Play Magazine reveals the best selling Vita titles to date. And not surprising Nathan Drake’s portable adventure come out on top.

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sinncross2358d ago

I remember there was talk from Sony Bend of multiplayer being patched into the game. i wonder if we will see this happen at E3...

i am in the camp that he PSV will see a bunch of bundles instead of a price cut... IF this is true, then I think UC will be one of those games.

jujubee882358d ago

There are few companies, few goods and services and few opportunities in time where some key item in an ecosystem (like an electronics device) actually places a dent in relevancy in the mass consumers mind by creating a bundle.

I can attest to first hand experience that the "bundle" mentality typically makes a core item seem weaker. Especially if I already own the device or am more than a small leap behind in wanting to own this thing which is the key to an ecosystem (be a gaming device with a free game, a speaker system with a fancy "universal" control, etc).

The "bundle" mentality is not good for a retail disturbance which would put VITA in good graces.

ddurand12358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

i understand your logic, but youre wrong.

If bundles save people money they can entice new customers that have been waiting for a deal, like myself.

metsgaming2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

im waiting till after E3 to get a vita for possible bundles official or not. Aswell as to see more games, memory above 32 gb with everyone getting knocked down in price to the level below it. Ex 32 gb would be the 16 gb price, 4 would be phased out or only for pack in.

jut4202358d ago

I wanted a Vita for Gravity Rush. I bought one a few weeks ago when Target had a sale for a free copy of Unit 13 and a 4 GB memory card. I know it's not a traditional bundle, but it's still basically a bundle and got me to purchase early.

black9112357d ago

I tell everyone the Vitas problem isnt games its online!!!! If they can come up with a reasonable yearly price for 3G/4G gaming sales will sky rocket. Just imagine call of duty,madden,nba 2k any where online on your way to work or school with those amazing graphics.

jujubee882358d ago

Not bad for a game that is: $50 USD, on a new mobile platform, not made by Naughty Dog, Not promoted on TV, has a digital option ... all of that and UC:GA still managed to sell 500k in the VITA's launch window.

This is actually a really nice showing of VITA heading into its stride for retail presence. Def, more VITA's need to be sold and a stronger presence need to be made in countries where the retail infrastructure is still strong (i.e. Europe, Japan, and parts of America).

I would not mind another VITA title doing the same. Also, another Uncharted game exclusive to VITA would be a good move since iteration is easy on both the games creator and provides the gamer with something good that he/she could look forward to buying.

Happy gaming, ladies and gents! ^_^

Protagonist2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

If multiplayer is being patched into the game, it is bound to sell even more, but I´m pretty sure, the game will sell through the entire lifespan of the PSVITA anyway.

Sanquine902358d ago

Gravity rush will sell more i think:)

Protagonist2358d ago

A great new IP like Gravity Rush deserves that.

MasterCornholio2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

With such a small install base i never expected it to sell as well as Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS.

Vita: 2 million
3DS: 16 million

dgonza402358d ago

Wow, hopefully this brings more games to the vita. Especially with that ratio pretty impressive

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