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BioWare’s first failed game would have made you want to “poke yourself in the eye” with a fork

News: Overhaul Games head and ex-BioWare designer Trent Oster has spoken less than favourably about the venerable RPG studio’s earliest effort, Battleground Infinity. (Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, BioWare, Overhaul Games, PC, Retro)

RedDead  +   1085d ago
Dragon age 2/
aPerson  +   1085d ago
I was just about to write that! DAMMIT!!
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Lucretia  +   1085d ago
aweful aweful game.

Dragons Dogma for the win :D

gameplay needs to be like that bioware if your going to attempt to go the action rpg route......Remember Bioware, When people slash extremely fast with daggers their hips should MOVE!

also WTF is up with 60$ in day one DLC for characters you can't even control? 20$ for a golem? LOL!

also star wars the old republic mmo was a big flop like i expected
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Adexus  +   1085d ago
Mass Effect 2 also made me want to poke myself in the eye with a fork... and the ending of ME3 :)
Zha1tan  +   1085d ago
Wont be buying anymore of their games, they have been assimilated into the EA empire meaning their game development is purely about making money and ripping people off.

"Assuming direct control, we are your salvation though online passes and overpriced DLC"

swat_teem  +   1085d ago
we are the harbinger of your prefection
hazelamy  +   1085d ago
i'll still be buying them, just not new.

i'm waiting for preowned copies of mass effect 3 to drop in price before i buy one.
Blastoise  +   1085d ago
Bioware really let me down this gen, all 3 mass effect games put together dont even come close to being as good as knights of the old republic
karlowma  +   1085d ago
Mass Effect and Dragon Age: Origins were AMAZING! The sequels, however, were collosal letdowns due to the -rpg +action formula. :/
theeg  +   1085d ago
and all 3 kotor incluudiing the turd of an mmo, don't even come close to baldurs gate 2 shadow of amn

even though the first 2 kotor games were good, thats where bioware started to fall off, liscensed universe, console port instead of making the best pc game, though the pc version were far supirior to the xbox

jade empire was the last great bioware game

me1 was good, a 7

dragon age 1 was good, a 7

mass effect 2,3 , dragon age 2, all steaming piles of digital feces.

@talkido below

withcer 2 is an epic, near perfect rpg, the first one may be a bit better in terms of originality, but damn if witcher 2 isnt a 10/10 game i dont know what is!
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turgore  +   1085d ago
The first Mass Effect was amazing, the other ones were dumbed down.
tallkidoPL  +   1085d ago
Witcher 2 has 16 DIFFERENT endings if any1 wants to play real RPG were choices matter.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1085d ago
Ive been saying that for a while people should give Witcher series a try.
hazelamy  +   1085d ago
yeah, it looks like a pretty good game, i tried a quick demo on gaikai the other day and i really enjoyed it.

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