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[Spoiler] The number of new enemies in Halo 4

343 Industries continues to repeat, they do everything to innovate Halo. The contribution of new enemies, completely different from our old Covenant, Flood and Company, and is one of the highest expectations. Even if one would like from our side to keep it secret to better find out once the game in our hands, it is likely that Microsoft and the development studio just waiting for a big event for the unveiling to the public. (343 Industries, Halo 4, Xbox 360)

MYSTERIO360  +   839d ago
i cant wait to see this being played in E3 it seems time is slowing down over a sudden
h311rais3r  +   839d ago
This game has halo haters interested. 343i must be feeling the pressure.
aviator189  +   839d ago
I just hope they don't show off this other enemy that is supposed to be a shocking reveal similar to the way the flood was.

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