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Max Payne 3 Crash Fix, Fixes for Errors, Freezing, Lagging, CTD, Poor FPS, Black screen, No Sound

Having crash problems with Max Payne 3? Check out this list of user-contributed solutions guaranteed to fix errors, bugs, FPS issues, and more. (Max Payne 3 , PC)

sjgamer  +   1154d ago
Thanks mate. MP3 is buggy as hell. This helped.
kevnb  +   1154d ago
Its not really. Most of the issues are typical sli/crossfire and laptop switching graphics. Some people have an issue with uac, but it's pretty solid overall.
1nsomniac  +   1154d ago
Why do people who have the game working by chance seem to want to tell everybody who has problems that its there own fault because it works fine for them? Always puzzles me why people feel as if they have to protect it somehow.
pr0digyZA  +   1154d ago
We say it because misinformed people start saying things like "This is exactly why I don't game on PC anymore." people buy based on reading previews and opinions from other players, and it helps to tell them that these issues aren't widespread. We are reassuring people.
omi25p  +   1154d ago
ive had absolutely no problems with it on console.
omi25p  +   1154d ago
How the Fu** can people disagree with me when i say I'VE HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH IT.

I havent, i have finished that campaign 3 times and im level 30 on multiplayer and i havent had one glitch. You can disagree with facts.
Bladesfist  +   1153d ago | Well said
They disagreed with you because you should never have corssfire or sli issues on console. Consoles dont have dual graphics cards
Daz  +   1154d ago
Works good for me;/
Erudito87  +   1154d ago
i havent had any problems everything has been maxed out flawlessly with my gtx 670
Cablephish  +   1154d ago
You maxed everything out and it worked perfectly?

Hmm, I think I should do a clean-up on my system because there might be programs taking away several FPS from my game.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1154d ago
Damn, this make's MP3 sound like it has hella issues.
pr0digyZA  +   1154d ago
All games released have their issues that only a few people ever experience, normally its something silly to sort out like checking driver or deleting something. Luckily google has solutions. Just finished the game now at max settings and no issues to report on a 560ti card.
AllroundGamer  +   1154d ago
Well it's working fine for me without any bugs, but i think it's an overhyped sequel, nothing new and almost always some stupid time limit, when i don't go quickly enough i suddenly die (really original...), and those boring cutscenes (which you can't skip btw) omg. Also the bullet effects/hits are weak against for example Sniper Elite V2, which was IMHO a much better game.
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ExposingLames  +   1154d ago
Wow...thats one hell of a list in the title. Did the game seriously ship with all those issues?
PersonMan  +   1154d ago
This is exactly why I don't game on PC anymore. Not saying there are always issues but these sort of things crop up more in PC and I didn't like it. Max Payne 3 runs perfectly on PS3.
kevnb  +   1154d ago
These sorts of thing pop up all the time on console, but you can't fix them. Unless you are talking sli, crossfire, and switchable graphics. If you want to use things like that you might have to do some maintenance. By the way the performance is the same crappy fps that many console games have, low framerates suck for shooters. Without all the auto-aim it would be 100% unplayable.
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HarryKawkReturns  +   1154d ago
Weird, because I've been having no trouble destroying baddies using the Free-Aim option on my dualshock 3.
pr0digyZA  +   1154d ago
This happens all the time on consoles, go into any forum where people say a certain game froze while playing, or only hard resets can fix some issues. Go into MP forum and look at the issues people are having on PS3 just because it didnt happen to you doesn't mean it doesnt happen. Same goes for PC only a few will experience but atleast they can have a solution.
PersonMan  +   1154d ago
I knew the PC elitists would come and say "I'm having no issues".

I"m speaking from experience. I used to game on my PC all the time, trust me. For me, the console experience is much better. I've had only a few freezes in the 3 years I've been gaming on console.

When a game crashes on console, it's usually an isolated incident and doesn't happen again, however, when a game crashes on PC, it usually continues to crash until you figure out what's causing the issue. The problem is, there are so many computer configurations and you have to figure out if it's a problem with your particular hardware, the game, or both. Then you have to find others with the same issue to see how they solved it. Troubleshooting the problem takes time and rather than enjoying the game, I'd be scouring the internet for performance tips and ideas on how to make the game work correctly. Then, as soon as you get your new game running flawlessly, you switch to a game that used to work and suddenly that's broken now because the newest drivers don't play nice with it or some stupid crap like that.

Again, I'm speaking from experience. I was always messing around with errors and bugs on PC, but on the console, you stick the game in and it runs exactly how the developer intended (which is usually good enough for me). The graphics don't look as good, but at least I can enjoy the game's content without distractions.

Don't get this twisted, at times, when you do it right, PC games destroy consoles in graphics and framerate, but it's not as plug and play and requires a lot more technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills. I just got tired of constantly fixing things instead of playing the game and enjoying it.

One more thing.... don't tell me I'm wrong because I know first hand that I'm right, but if your computer is working flawlessly for you for all of your games all the time, then good for you... you must have the magical perfect hardware/software setup and you should tell us which magical computer you have.
murkster-dubez  +   1154d ago
A buggy rockstar pc port? what a surprise.
Bladesfist  +   1153d ago
Oh god, anyone remember GTA 4s performance on PC?
mistajeff  +   1154d ago
I couldn't even get it running. I had to change the game data folder and mess with regedit, then I got it to start, but it'd freeze at the legal screen cuz steam would freak out that the data was in the "wrong" folder. I tried every possible solution I came across, and it still won't work. So I downloaded a cracked version, and it works flawlessly. I guess that's what I get for paying $10 extra for a game that came out 17 days late for no apparent reason. You have to AT LEAST make your game easier to play legitimately than illegally. I shouldn't be paying $60 for a PC game in the first place- but then to have to download a cracked version because I cant even get the legitimate version to start?

Once I got the damn thing working, well, the game is BEAUTIFUL, and appears to be exceptionally well optimized. I can max it out at a rock solid 60fps with everything but MSAA, but even the FXAA is well optimized and barely detracts from the impressive amount of detail packed into each frame. I wish other games used tessellation as well as mp3, and the hdao is gorgeous.
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yeahokchief  +   1154d ago
I haven't had a single problem all weekend on console. flawless game. load times between matches could be a little better but, it does discourage leaving early so it's probably for the best.

I think they fixed whatever was causing the multiplayer to freeze on occasion bc it hasn't happened to me once all weekend.

im probably going to buy the dlc, but not until i checkout a few new psn games.
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Eyesoftheraven  +   1154d ago
Runs great on my rig:

Windows 7 64-bit

Phenom ii x4 955 @ 3.5ghz

8GB DDR3 @ 1333 mhz

Radeoon 7970 @ 1125gpu / 1575mem

1TB @ 7200rpm
ShamalamanPAnda  +   1153d ago
When I walk up a particular set of stairs in Chapter 3, my game crashes. This happens every time. Does anyone know why?
dzoni96  +   1153d ago
guys how to play offline needs some email and password when run game says to sign in
nikobellic  +   1148d ago
My max payne 3 player moving at one place stuck at that place
nikobellic  +   1148d ago
Max payne 3 player (max) is stuck at that place and not moving so i am unable to complete stage one only so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me out sorry for my previous comment so not forget to help i will be very greatefull

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