Max Payne 3 Crash Fix, Fixes for Errors, Freezing, Lagging, CTD, Poor FPS, Black screen, No Sound

Having crash problems with Max Payne 3? Check out this list of user-contributed solutions guaranteed to fix errors, bugs, FPS issues, and more.

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sjgamer2210d ago

Thanks mate. MP3 is buggy as hell. This helped.

kevnb2210d ago

Its not really. Most of the issues are typical sli/crossfire and laptop switching graphics. Some people have an issue with uac, but it's pretty solid overall.

1nsomniac2210d ago

Why do people who have the game working by chance seem to want to tell everybody who has problems that its there own fault because it works fine for them? Always puzzles me why people feel as if they have to protect it somehow.

pr0digyZA2209d ago

We say it because misinformed people start saying things like "This is exactly why I don't game on PC anymore." people buy based on reading previews and opinions from other players, and it helps to tell them that these issues aren't widespread. We are reassuring people.

omi25p2210d ago

ive had absolutely no problems with it on console.

omi25p2209d ago

How the Fu** can people disagree with me when i say I'VE HAD NO PROBLEMS WITH IT.

I havent, i have finished that campaign 3 times and im level 30 on multiplayer and i havent had one glitch. You can disagree with facts.

Bladesfist2209d ago

They disagreed with you because you should never have corssfire or sli issues on console. Consoles dont have dual graphics cards

Daz2210d ago

Works good for me;/

SnakeCQC2210d ago

i havent had any problems everything has been maxed out flawlessly with my gtx 670

Cablephish2210d ago

You maxed everything out and it worked perfectly?

Hmm, I think I should do a clean-up on my system because there might be programs taking away several FPS from my game.

WeskerChildReborned2210d ago

Damn, this make's MP3 sound like it has hella issues.

pr0digyZA2210d ago

All games released have their issues that only a few people ever experience, normally its something silly to sort out like checking driver or deleting something. Luckily google has solutions. Just finished the game now at max settings and no issues to report on a 560ti card.

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The story is too old to be commented.