Sega Europe about to close?

Gamekyo: "On the eve of E3 2012, we are able to learn, according to our sources deemed credible, that Sega Europe should close down in the coming months and all local branches in Europe as Sega France. This is partly a consequence of the ineffectiveness of the strategy for several years that Sega is to develop games by Western developers."

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Titanz1966d ago

Recent gaming sales in Europe have been appalling, to say the least.

MAiKU1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Weird since Sonic games sell better in europe than they do in the US. Plus he was voted most favorite gaming mascot in the UK over mario is a poll a few years back.

DaThreats1966d ago

Well if you try to have Westerners try to make your Japanese games

Baka-akaB1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

what's there even to disagree with ? The proof is in the pudding there .

Seldom a few cases where it's well handled , and actually supervised by japanese gaming legends , like Lord of Shadows , it doesnt work .

it only repulse former fans , while failing to attract the others

Louis_Guzman1966d ago

I'd add Metroid Prime to that as well. All in all, I agree.

from the beach1966d ago

This news has put a real dampner on E3..

NYC_Gamer1966d ago

The last Sega published game i brought was Condemned 2

1966d ago
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