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Submitted by Tony-A 1273d ago | rumor

Sony Teases "The Future of PlayStation Plus"

Media Street: "It appears that the ongoing rumors about Sony's soon-to-be revealed PlayStation Plus "revamp" are true." (E3, PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

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LOGICWINS  +   1273d ago
Holy crap. E3 is tomorrow!
Abash  +   1273d ago
As a current PS+ member Im really damn hyped. I love automatic updates and cloud storage along with the games they gave, I wonder what else is in store now
MrBeatdown  +   1273d ago
The best part is that whatever it is will likely go into effect with Tuesday's PS Store update. PS+ updates always come on the first Tuesday of the month. The thing is, Sony usually posts a preview of upcoming month's content a week or so in advance of the update. They didn't do that this week, likely so they didn't spoil the surprise.

Anyway, I'm hoping it's an options feature. I'd like to have a choice in what content I get, even if it's from a small pool of pre-approved games.

More cloud storage space would be nice as well. I have a 50MB Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 created character file that fails to upload due to a lack of space.
zeeshan  +   1273d ago
If the SONY cloud gaming service rumors are true and if Sony are going to tie in that service WITH PS plus then that will be pretty huge.
Controversy  +   1273d ago
I love being a PS+ subscriber. Wasn't a fan at first, but I am a true convert.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1273d ago
tomorrow? really? YES!
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BiggCMan  +   1273d ago
Well, in my eyes, it's not Sunday until my ass wakes up and drinks some orange juice. But technically, seeing as how it's passed midnight, tomorrow is true. It begins Monday, so yea.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1273d ago
Wait wut? Checks time

Its 2:02 Am here in Canada

Holy Crap it is tomorrow
catch  +   1273d ago
I had to laugh at the way you put that as though Canada had only one time zone
Blacktric  +   1273d ago
OMFG YOU ARE RIGHT! Cannot believe I forgot it. Oh God I just can't wait...
elmaton98  +   1273d ago
OMG i cant wait for SONY to show us what's in store for for us ps members.
TheFinalEpisode  +   1273d ago
Maybe they're adding Stream play with Gaikai as a beta test for PS4?
NastyLeftHook0  +   1273d ago
You see, that right there... that would be astronomically huge. It would be so good it would create a black hole.
Amazingmrbrock  +   1273d ago
if they start streaming on a ps3 their not even going to think about ps4 for another couple of years at least.
NastyLeftHook0  +   1273d ago
That makes a ton of sense, And the ps3 library would be that much bigger.
BattleAxe  +   1273d ago
This also finally would give Sony a presence on the PC. I only wish we could have the option of downloading full games from the PSN, but some action on the PC is better than nothing.

Everyone keeps talking about Gaikai and Onlive, but what if it isn't a streaming service, but rather a partnership of some kind with Steam? Streaming games takes up way too much bandwidth, so I find it hard to believe that Sony would find this to be a good way for playing games. Its for this reason that i haven't bothered with Onlive, even though its a cool service, you can use up 20 GB in just 6 hours of gaming.
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elmaton98  +   1273d ago
@ BattleAxe

maybe so but i dont have a prob trying some games (if its gaikai it is demos or playing full games if its onlive( which i like anyway since i have a subscription with them and i enjoy all the games anyway))
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Bowzabub  +   1273d ago
andibandit  +   1273d ago
I think it's an upgrade to the integrated webbrowser
lugia 4000  +   1273d ago
If they could reduce latency by alot on gaikai, there would be no need for PS4 probably.
BitbyDeath  +   1273d ago
Except for the millions of people who do not have the internet.
Nitrowolf2  +   1273d ago
I'm hoping there's more than just the Gaikia/Onlive stuff.
As much as these are going to be great feature, I want some console features that I can actually use in-game and such. Doubtful, but i'm hoping.
I also like the top tier stuff, but we will have to wait and see.

My question is, are we gonna have to pay more? Seems like that, but finger crossed.
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Tony-A  +   1273d ago
It's all very mysterious to me, but they seem pretty confident with what they're about to do with the service so I'm really hoping they have a bunch of new appealing features ready for us.

A huge Plus revamp would fit in with the rumor that the next big update would be 4.20 (a sort of reverse of what was probably the PS3s biggest firmware update ever - 2.40).
MrBeatdown  +   1273d ago
I'm almost positive it won't be streaming-related. I mentioned above how Sony didn't post a preview of June's PS+ content yet, even though they usually announce it a week or so in advance. We are due for a big PS+ update on Tuesday which to me, and no announcements of the content indicates to me that whatever the changes are, they will go into effect in Tuesday's update.

The rumors around the Gaikai/Onlive thing suggest a deal was just finalized. It would likely be months before the two companies would be able to finalize and implement their plans.
yesmynameissumo  +   1273d ago
I agree. I think Tuesday's update is going to be pretty insane. I've been a member since launch and feel I have gotten my money's worth. So much so, I have a backlog of just PS+ stuff to run through (Shank 2, Trine 2, FarCry 2, Back to the Future for example). I do feel they are going to raise the price to match XBL retail $59.99 price tag. Which is pretty ballsy when you consider most of the draws to XBL are offered free on PSN (Online, Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc). Really looking forward to Sony's presser!
Tony-A  +   1273d ago
Ahh, that's right! That would also explain that post on Twitter (I forgot who it was from) that mentioned gamers should pick up PlayStation Plus now. He followed that up with something like "even if it's just the three month plan. Trust me."

Something BIG is in store and gamers will most likely be seeing it firsthand on Tuesday. This.. is pretty exciting. haha
supraking951  +   1273d ago
i cant wait! More free stuff for PS3 AND Vita :D
IRetrouk  +   1273d ago
I would love to see the ps+ features on the vita, free games and cloud storage is always welcomed.
TrevorPhillips  +   1273d ago
Sony = FTW! =D
tweet75  +   1273d ago
i just hope sony doesnt want to require ps plus to use things like hulu and netflix like xbox does that will really make me stay away from it
stephmhishot  +   1273d ago
I don't see that happening, any positive press they'd get for new features would be engulfed with the negative press they'd get for making previously "free" services (obviously you need a scrip to each service) something you'd have to pay for to access via PSN.
mechlord  +   1273d ago
Here is a hope for vita price drop. I'm wanting to get one...and ima a sucker for price drops :)
Tired  +   1273d ago
I bought one 3 days ago...if they drop the price I'll be miffed!
Zechs34  +   1273d ago
Well no offense but I would've waited knowing E3 was right around the corner! But that's just me, I know my Vita was hard to resist so I got it day one. Welcome!
Tired  +   1273d ago
I honestly don't expect them to drop the price at all which is why I went ahead with it. Plus it was brand new on amazon from a marketseller, 3G version for £198....f'ing bargain I think.

I think there might be bundles...but I'm happy with my purchase. Plus I'm mostly going digital...same as my Ps3.
JoGam  +   1273d ago
Even if they announce a price drop, you should have 30 days to return for a price adjustment. So dont worry.
SaffronCurse  +   1273d ago
L6RD7BLU3  +   1273d ago
I just renewed mines for a year
MasterCornholio  +   1273d ago
Sounds exciting and it would make increase the difference between XboxLive and PSplus. It should be interesting to see what Microsoft evolves XboxLive into because lately it's been more about services than games so hopefully Sony getting something like Gaikai will make them change course.

Anyways I'm pretty happy with just having free multiplayer and crossgame chat so I really don't see a reason in getting plus.

swat_teem  +   1273d ago
ps3 can't have crossgame chat due too little RAM they said while back i remember
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Patriots_Pride  +   1273d ago
Notice how no one mentioned xbox until you did.

SMFH....You would think age would make people more mature but I guess not.
scotchmouth  +   1273d ago
Age does not bring wisdom. People can be asshats their whole life
user5467007  +   1273d ago

You commented on me in another article bringing up Sony when I never mentioned them and when the article was about Nintendo

Hypocrite much :)
KingSlayer  +   1273d ago
Sony IS gaming.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1273d ago
Unlimited streaming games for a subscription to plus would definitely make me join, if it weren't for one thing - I live in Australia. Onlive and gaikai don't even exist in Australia.

If they get it up and running and sort out deals with our ISPs like onlive did in America, I'd gladly hand over the AU$100 a year ps+ subscription fee. And before anyone says "liar ps+ is only $40" - like I said, here in Australia the RRP is $99.95 a year.
MariaHelFutura  +   1273d ago
NotSoSilentBob  +   1273d ago
But your glorious Xbox Live does streaming of games already? Why would you even consider playing games on the PS3, when according to you PS3 has no gaems?

for anyone else check his post history and you will see 90% of his posts are anti Sony/Pro MS
Sorrow24  +   1273d ago
Lol, that's funny. Look at his name. Look at his name and laugh. X)
hoybeef   1273d ago | Spam
Ethereal  +   1273d ago
No wonder there have been so many server maintenances =)
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EffectO  +   1273d ago
Future of PS+ = pay more money
BitbyDeath  +   1273d ago
I can't imagine what sort of features i'd be willing to pay more for.
EffectO  +   1273d ago
Streaming PS2,PS1 games?

Rumor says that PS+ will have multiple tiers,people that currently have PS+ will be promoted to "Elite" status,for free.
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LFC1EE  +   1273d ago
I'm hoping e3 will be a huge success this year in all this economic doom and gloom, and i'm hoping for news on the xbox/720 and ps4 and of course the wii u launch date.
Ultr  +   1273d ago
ps+ is so GREAT! wow bring it on Sony, I'm so pumped for E3!!
blakko22  +   1273d ago
I want friend chat across games, that is all :'c
Sorrow24  +   1273d ago
Get a Vita.
Zechs34  +   1273d ago
So let's sy that they up the price, or even introduce a tier system. You think plus subscribers now will be automatically upgraded? Cuz if so, I will just buy another year membership now before a possible price hike or even an upgrade is introduced... Kind of how i had 3 years of Live before the price hike so i wasnt affected by the inctease. Anyone think that's possible?
Tony-A  +   1273d ago
If you purchase a Plus membership before their E3 conference and they happen to introduce a tier system or special upgrades tomorrow, you will be included in whatever they announce. You'll have to buy it before the conference so think fast!
bub16  +   1273d ago
With all the rumours for this and cloud services. Im guessing Sony is going to bring cloud gaming to PS+?
azshorty2003  +   1273d ago
Would love to a revamped game/DLC library. It's not the most appealing. Also there needs to be more sales.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1273d ago
being able to change gamer id would be nice, cross game chat, streaming 1 hour demos instead of having to download them. a dlc allowance per week,month, and/or year like an amount that you could buy cod mappacks etc or roll over your allowance for something bigger like a game. better discounts like 20% off all dlc at all times. streaming all ps 1 and 2 titles with out it looking like an emulator. a better interface...stuff like that would make plus a no brainer for me.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   1273d ago
customizable avatars like on xbox live. and better yet PHOTOS for avatar. dude that would be sweet. be able to put my face or a nice pic instead of those ordinary tiny pics they have next to our gamer names. and finally show trophy # and platinum # next to name instead of having to research every single person i play with. Like on xbl i can see the gamer tag and gamer points, the same with psn.
Tony-A  +   1273d ago
I would most definitely pick up a Plus subscription before E3 if I wasn't saving all my money for the Vita :(

I need all the money I can save up for that thing! Knowing my luck, the "future of Plus" will be something I really, really want.
Errod88  +   1273d ago
(What I want Sony to do)
I hope Sony increases the cloud storage I'm running low on storage,and one more thing I hope sony revamped's the download list.
DJLB2115  +   1273d ago
Maybe it should be Gaikai so I can have ps +, onlive and Gaikai. Maybe something bug w happen w onlive too so that will be another come up? One can dream...

And the idea to upgrade existing members to Ps+ elite or whatever sounds good to me.
DivineAssault  +   1273d ago
PS plus is already better to have than xbl so with added features, it becomes much more appealing... Hopefully the vita rumors with it are true as well
mechlord  +   1273d ago
i wish to see what Kara is really about and some more TLoU.

I only have a PS3 but i like to watch the other conferences...but this year i really dont care.
demetreHG  +   1273d ago
So dam excited , can't wait the reveal at E3 so wished I was at the convention instead..

Being a playstation plus subscriber for years now , so worth it and now with revamp plus more stuff for it

Really is a good time to sign up for those don't have it !!
wray77  +   1273d ago
How could you be on N4G and not know it's tomorrow. Gaffers have been counting down for months now.
demetreHG  +   1273d ago
HUH who are you replying too ,your not making any sense seriously ??????????????????
wray77  +   1272d ago
I'm not replying to anyone, just making a statement. I wasn't replying to you, just because my post was below yours. Calm down.
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