Remember these crazy memes from past E3s?

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb writes: "Each year, a world-wide audience of gamers collaborate to create Photoshop jokes and animated gifs based on the most awkward and odd moments of the show. In preparation for E3 2012, we’ve looked back to remember some of our favorites from years gone by."

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Sadie21001875d ago

Oh my god, that image is frightening. Well, because of the text.

JeffGrubb1875d ago

No, I've seen it without the text; it is still frightening.

Titanz1875d ago

Reggie's the greatest meme caption generator, ever! xD

mushroomwig1875d ago

Translator san was awesome, I wonder if he'll be back this year.

rob60211875d ago

how could they forget 'bam, there it is!'

hazelamy1875d ago

exactly what i was gonna say.

that and the giant enemy crab are two of the most memorable.

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The story is too old to be commented.