Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Review - Chaos Hour

Mixing stuff together can often lead to disastrous results. For example, mixing nitric acid and hydrazine will cause an explosion. Mixing vinegar and bleach will produce a toxic chlorine gas. Mixing Mel Gibson and alcohol will lead to racial slurs and a spot of fisticuffs. Point is, certain things were meant to be kept away from each other.

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Krimmson2235d ago

I personally think a Doctor Who game could work if TellTale made it.

rdgneoz32235d ago

Yah, with the reviews that the Walking Dead game (first episode at least) got and some of their past games, they'd have a good chance.

Canary2235d ago

Or any other competent developer.

What I don't get is why--and this is true of Star Trek as well--developers insist on shoehorning Who into a genre that doesn't really fit. Who games need to capture that frantic, fast-paced and whimsical atmosphere of the show... and you can't do that with plodding adventure games with half-assed action/platforming elements.

The best platform for Who would be, I think, visual-novel style adventure games ala Ghost Trick, Professor Layton, etc., etc. Emphasis on dialog, player-driven narratives, and puzzles.