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Submitted by Meus Renaissance 2873d ago | article

GameTrailers Editor-in-Chief Laughs Off Reaction

Shane Shatterfield, Editor-in-Chief, answered the calls for an official response from angry members to the crisis looming over GameTrailers' reputation. Finding the issue "hilarious", the bemused Editor reiterated that there was no bias involved (naturally) and showed signs of frustration with the vocal PlayStation community, saying they "have their controllers in a bunch. (Culture, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

Meus Renaissance  +   2873d ago
Message Sent to Shane A Few Moments Ago
Hello there,

I don't want to waste your time and I hope by the end of this message you won't feel disappointed. I'm aware that you most probably have been contacted several times by now over this issue about the video comparisons but I just wanted to state my viewpoint on this and I'd love to hear back from you on it.

I agree wholeheartedly with the logical approach GameTrailers take in capturing the video of the consoles in that they use the same method for both. I understand the connotations of choosing to do it that, however, when such a method compromises the look of the game - then does it not defeat the purpose of a comparison, which is to see multiple subjects at their full capability and judge them upon that?

I disagree with your comment that "most PS3 owners wouldnt know about this". Although most likely quite alot would not have been aware of the RGB option, you must realise most PS3 owners on the general spectrum wouldn't be watching video comparisons anyway. Those who do are mainly hardcore fans who want bragging rights or just to decide which version of a game to get; so those who are complaining about this are most likely aware of the option otherwise you would not have gotten such a massive reaction to it. And those who did not, now know the difference that this RGB option brings which leads me to my final point...

There has been a lack of faith with journalism credibility in recent times in this industry, and PS3 owners have usually been the ones most vocal about that and unfortunately GameTrailers is now seen by many as a questionable source because of this misunderstanding. My personal opinion is that your explanation seems more related to a comparison of the consoles than the actual games as they do them injustice *you cant be comparing games in all honesty if you readily accept that the results may not be representative of the actual game*. RGB doesn't just add colour, it improves the contrast and sharpness which helps show the textures.

If you feel that there is still a demand for this videos, even though they won't be accepted by many now, I'd like to suggest that there be disclaimer at the start of the video simply stating the settings on the consoles used. Many times I have watched videos/comparisons of the games I own and I'm shocked to see them looking so "washed out" and poor; and I feel that any comparison made in the future will be either dismissed, frowned upon, or hotly disputed.

You have to do something about this or you lose an entire fanbase from your website, who'd be more than happy to spread bad-word of mouth across the gaming community.

I enjoy GameTrailers for all the media it provides and I sincerely hope we never see the day that this is blown out of proportion and you guys becoming a hate figure. As I said before, in our times, people are sensitive to what they read and hear from game journalists.

Thank you,
Lucreto  +   2873d ago
I fully agree with everything you just said. I hope they will have the disclaimer from now on.
Hapimeses  +   2873d ago
Good job!

TheTwelve  +   2873d ago
Word, Meus. Bring the Ruckus.

Marceles  +   2873d ago
"Although most likely quite alot would not have been aware of the RGB option, you must realise most PS3 owners on the general spectrum wouldn't be watching video comparisons anyway. Those who do are mainly hardcore fans who want bragging rights or just to decide which version of a game to get; so those who are complaining about this are most likely aware of the option otherwise you would not have gotten such a massive reaction to it."

Such a good sentence man...trying to make comparisons for the general PS3 owner when the general non-hardcore owner don't even look at the comparisons. I hope it really got through to him how much it didn't make sense from that standpoint.
toughNAME  +   2873d ago
while I don't agree with you...
that was really well written good job

I'd give you a bubble but...come on...seriously...10?
Meus Renaissance  +   2873d ago
Wow I just realised I have 10 Bubbles. I always have the limit was 9. Thanks for the support everyone!
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jcgamer  +   2873d ago
wow, great post, and well written...I think this is the first time I've seen 10 bubbles!....GOOD about 11?! You goin' for the N4G world record?...LOL...
Pain  +   2873d ago
good post. To Bad he wont Care ; ;
But i hope he dose and the fix therr screwup.

Cuz By NO means am i a dumb Tech whore, rbg+super white where set on my PS3 hours
afters i opened my box.
Marceles  +   2873d ago
@ Meus
lol yeah I noticed that too. I counted yours and mine about 10 times to make sure I wasn't going crazy haha...good job

*remembers Meus never playing a Final Fantasy, looks at Auron avatar, takes away bubble* just kidding :)
bigshynepo  +   2873d ago
Thanks Meus!
Your letter was so much more professional than the responses received from already. I think this "Shane" goof needs to stop being so clearly bias towards the Playstation 3.
LJWooly  +   2873d ago
Meus, are you aware that there is a guy impersonating you, called Meus Resistance, who is going around acting like a 360 fanboy in order to disgrace your good name? There seems to be a lot of impersonations lately...
jcgamer  +   2873d ago
I agree, there are a lot of impersonators lately...I can easily spot those tards by their bubble counts...the REAL Meus, Meus Renaissance, has 10 NO ONE won't have any problems telling the difference between "the good sir" and "the bad seed"'ll make SURE "Meus Resistance" (the bad only has ONE bubble so he's REAL easy to spot...or not (user hidden with only one bubble)
VirusE  +   2873d ago
Meus Renaissance I am extremely impressed. That was very well written and you brought up a lot of good points in a very constructive fashion.

I take it you never heard back?
jorellpogi  +   2872d ago
@Meus Renaissance
A very intelligent letter. Good job man.
Hapimeses  +   2873d ago
Well, I found that reply less than satisfactory, and said so at the site:


Really, if they aren't taking advantage of the very features the PS3 was built to provide, what is the point?

Oh, and there are two links because the GT forum has a 10,000 character limit, so I had to split my reply in two to get the whole thing posted.

I was in a verbose mood.

TheTwelve  +   2873d ago
Wow, Hapimeses, another well written letter. You and Meus are tempting me to join that site just so I can join in the fun.

Hapimeses  +   2873d ago
@ TheTwelve:
Come and join in -- you are more than welcome. The more voices explaining to GT in a reasoned and cogent fashion why they have misled people, the better; in my view, at least.

#2.2 (Edited 2873d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheTwelve  +   2873d ago
Alright, well since I've been invited to do so, I'll do it. Give me some seconds and I'll post here what I message to him...

TheTwelve  +   2873d ago
Alright. Because Hapimeses said so, I wrote this to him in a message:

Dear GTShane,
Though I was never a member of Gametrailers until now, I have seen hundreds of your videos online. Can't help it. You guys are everywhere.

But I want to make a comment on the tone of your "GT Comparison Videos Explained" post. As a PS3 owner, I found your words to be very insulting. So much so, that you seem to be taking the same abrasive siding as the fanboys that you're speaking against.

And come, you do comparison videos for the sake of the fanboys. Your site gets hits based on the controversy between the two sides, and yet here you speak as if you are somehow above it.

If indeed you do these comparison videos simply for the sake of building up consumer knowledge, then you should also make sure to do your best to present the best that both systems have to offer. This is just basic professionalism.

Drama having to do with scandals with websites recently are just showing one thing: although the game industry is making as much money as the movie industry, the former is no where near the latter in terms of professionalism. We seem to still be a bunch of guys who don't have a life and don't care, playing games in the basement and ignoring standards of society. Your insulting post, GTshane, only supports this notion.

In the name of American journalism, which was based on the concept of being as unbiased as possible, I really hope that you work this out. I've definitely benefited from throughout the years but unless you at least give a disclaimer with your videos, I won't be able to take this site seriously anymore.

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LJWooly  +   2873d ago
Great job, The Twelve.

If more people write letters as well thought-out as Meus, Happimeses, and The Twelve, then this will surely make an impact.

Come on, these guys, while incredibly well-informed, can't do this all by themselves!!
The Wood  +   2873d ago
one day i will write a letter
keep it up guys +bubbles
liquidsnake  +   2873d ago
Very nice letters indeed.

Hapimeses...was it just me or was that GT guy very arrogant. From what I've red of your post, he was constantly twisting and turning all your sentences like he had nothing to say for defense. Haha.

Anyways, nice letters from all of you. I would do the same if my english was better. (Im from Sweden ;) )
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Maddens Raiders  +   2873d ago
Shane Satterfield laughs it off -
'nuff said.

Shane Satterfield is a tool, pure and simple. Gametrailers has completely lost any credibility it had in my mind.
PSWe60  +   2873d ago
This whole thing is blown out of proportion, but I guess that Sony fans have to vent their pent up anger. We've taken our fair share of crap when the PS3 launched.
poos3   2873d ago | Offensive
tatotiburon  +   2873d ago
*sighs...more excuses for sonyretars
LJWooly  +   2873d ago
Without realising, it, you've inadvertently made a brilliantly ironic post, by calling other people 'retards', but spelling the word 'retard' wrong.

Hilarious, my friend, and if you weren't being serious, I would have given you a bubble. Congratulations.
liquidsnake  +   2873d ago
hahahaha. I feel sorry for u man.
ShAkKa  +   2872d ago
Says the one who cannot spell the word retard properly.
Now to the ones writings all the letters keep the good work guys the union make us strongers.
Maddens Raiders  +   2873d ago
Why do the usual Bot gadflys flock to this news like fresh -
horse droppings? On top of that, their comments are made with horrible grammar or spelling mistakes. What is a retars? ^^^^
niall77  +   2873d ago
if they are not going to use each system to the best it can then what the point of the comparsins?
Orange Juice  +   2873d ago
Wow, nice attitude toward the people with a decent argument
This is his closing comment, and it should give you a good idea of his professionalism.

"After reading so much erroneous garbage posted all over the internet we figured it was time to set the record straight before things got out of hand."
Hapimeses  +   2873d ago
Yeah, I'll admit I was pretty surprised at his unprofessional manner. Nevertheless, no need for us to devolve to that level -- I tried to be as reasoned as possible when replying to his post.

toughNAME  +   2873d ago
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2873d ago
Let it go...
kevoncox  +   2873d ago
The crying never ends......
Bawwwwwwwww Bawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

Why are you crying over something this small? If GT was the only source for comparisom then this would be an issue. However, we have countless reviews showing the opposite. If you don't want to watch the videos then read the reviews that tells you the same thing. The texture work and FPS on the PS3 is usually worst.

To make matters worst, you first ps3 game designed from the ground up as a ps3 game first ( Burnout Paradise) looks and runs just as good on 360. Logically it would mean that the Ps3 is the one incapable of running games as good as the 360 some times. Infact i don't find it odd that the games used the champion what the 360 can't do are Ps3 exclusives...Where we can never compare them.

***@ below ***

Ignore21 -
Your analogy is terrible.
You are not squezzing a superior system into the smaller system.
The superiour system should be able to handle everything the lesser system can do. If the xbox 360 is the weaker system, the ps3 shoudl be able to do everything it can do and more. When the game is built from the ps3 down should looks worst on 360. You guys have a warped perception of reality.
#12 (Edited 2873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
LJWooly  +   2873d ago
No, the reason that Burnout Paradise looks and runs exactly the same on the PS3 and the 360 is because developers have only just began learning that it's easier to port from the PS3 to the 360, rather than the other way round.

Multiplatform games are supposed to look and run the same on the different consoles, but because developers have been porting from the 360 to the PS3 for a year now, the PS3 has often ended up with the worst version.

Lame analogy:
Think of it as trying to fit a shoe on two different sized feet. It's much easier to shrink the bigger shoe to fit the smaller foot, than it is to make the smaller shoe grow to fit the bigger foot. (The bigger foot being the PS3, the smaller being the 360.)

Hope I helped!!
Afterburn  +   2872d ago
it's worse. the word is worse. say it with me... w o r s e
Silver Bull3t  +   2873d ago
You guys are seriously retarded. Seriously.... Their methodology is sound. You can't tweak one console and claim any comparisons to be even-steven. You fuking droids make me laugh at your console inferiority complex. Seeing as how Sony makes TONS of video consumer electronics it's not like they don't know how to set the factory defaults. Any comparisons aside from the defaults are moot and subjective, hence not worth posting as comparisons.... understand dolts?

Hopefully they stop doing these bullsh1t "VS" comparisons anyway, as it only helps recruit more fanboy dikweeds like the lot who post on here on N4G. Go play a game and stop counting pixels you homos.
Gametrailers, stick to TRAILERS and leave the comparisons for the 14yr old pubeless fantards to stroke each other about.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   2873d ago
shysun  +   2873d ago
Those settings were added in a PSN update. So it wasn't a default option. It's there now and they should use it.
LJWooly  +   2873d ago
No, if the 360 version is shown at it's full potential, then the PS3 version should be shown at it's full potentail.

Read Meus Rennaissance's, Hapimeses', or The Twelves' well-written letters to Shane, and you'll understand.
Bombomb  +   2873d ago
Yeah this sh#t is getting out of hand
and to think this all started with the capcom when DMC went multi.

Sony fanboys have never been the same.

you beg for AAA + (90+ scores
you beg for non-DEFAULT game comparisons.
you beg for devs to stay exclusive
you beg MS to stop paying every game reviewer that's not related to sony.

I'm sure all the review sites and their chief editors probably laugh at all the fanboys with 1 consoles crying over here on a fanboy if..riiiiiiiiigghhht
The superiority complex have gotten out of hand.. so it continues

Hey I would be laughing too, silly fanboy goons
#14 (Edited 2873d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
tordavis  +   2873d ago
Most people who own PS3 systems don't see a need to adjust the RGB. I've been through all the video options on my PS3. I can't see why anyone would adjust the RGB when the games look fine by default. There's no reason to have to adjust the RGB in video captures just to 'even' the ground when comparing to the 360. They captured the video using the default settings of both consoles. That's as equal as you can get.
BloodySinner  +   2873d ago
Finally, someone with a brain.
rofldings  +   2872d ago
You don't 'adjust' RGB settings, you go into videos options and change it from "Limited" to "Full" - I wonder how you deal with power buttons?
prowiew  +   2873d ago
He miss the point that gamers are crybabies.
doomsonyman  +   2873d ago
All i have to say is i love gametrailers.
Doctor Strange  +   2873d ago
I have to say he just insulted many PS3 fans which isn't the way to clear the air. I can understand them trying to be biased with the comparisons but if their not both at their best what's the point.

Also saying most PS3 fans will never know it exist is a bunch of crap since many people complaining about the this apparently knew all about if we didn't we wouldn't be having this problem would we.
H-V-H  +   2873d ago
The people who are bothered by this need to grow up.

Just go play some games.
tk  +   2873d ago
Laughs off?
First cook the results - and when caught out - laugh it off and blame the reader. What a way to win your credibility back.

Sounds like his sentence should read: "So what if we cheated - you are dumb and childish anyway so stuff it."
kevoncox  +   2873d ago
Your analogy is terrible.
You are not squezzing a superior system into the smaller system.
The superiour system should be able to handle everything the lesser system can do. If the xbox 360 is the weaker system, the ps3 shoudl be able to do everything it can do and more. When the game is built from the ps3 down should looks worst on 360. You guys have a warped perception of reality.

@ below------

It's simply logic

If console A can port games made for console b perfectly but Console B has problems porting games made for console A then console B is the most flexible and most powerful.

Like I said, all the examples of games the 360 "cannot run" are Ps3 exclusive so we will never know. I would love to see heavenly sword on 360 and compare it then.

Please prove me wrong.
I have listen to you pseudo developers about what system can do what. How about you back it up. Explain to me why the ps3 cannot seem to port 360 games but the 360 does it with with ease? Clocks ticking d8ckface
#21 (Edited 2872d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
rofldings  +   2872d ago
And obviously you have no idea about how programming for different CPU architectures works.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2872d ago
no kevin
it`s not that simple.

in the future..........

I wouldn`t talk about, things you don`t know about.

it makes you look REALLY stupid.

seriously, take my advice.
Figboy  +   2872d ago
let's see...
disagree, bubbles down, and ignore. all done here.
power of Green  +   2873d ago
Looks like Sony fanboys need to prove every reviewer and group doing comparison video's are not turning on RGB. lol

Like I said if that Ninja Gaiden Sigma RGB before and after post was real- Sony has released a POS console on the market and its a good thing Sony fanboys are exposing this issue so consumer know the PS3 is handi-capped with out the state of the art TV's.
shysun  +   2873d ago
You don't make 1 lick of sence! Your logic is fanboy laced!
Afterburn  +   2872d ago
stupid bot. handicapped is not a hyphenated word. unless you are.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2872d ago
It should be fixed. It's the truth.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2872d ago
GT laughs?
So did we.

your site just got turned out.

silly rabbit TRICKS are for kids.
#24 (Edited 2872d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kevoncox  +   2872d ago
Keep on crying fellas....
Your tears hide the truth. GT is against you. Ign hates the ps3 and gamespot has been paid off. Only you know the truth about the ps3 and what it can do. Only you can save the world from M$' lies. Cry and cry until the world is safe. Cry like little b*tches. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh
#25 (Edited 2872d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
dachiefsman  +   2872d ago
well I think both systems look good if not great on gametrailers honestly in association with the comparison videos.

I guess if you pause the video get out your microscope you probably could find something worth discussing, but I just don't see the big deal...jmho
Electricear  +   2872d ago
Here is why RGB full is off by default
The PS3 has a build in video limiter for NTSC video. This limiter sets the black level to roughly 20% lighter, and the light levels roughly 20% darker to fit with in the NTSC bandwidth on all standard def televisions, and many lower end and older HD-TV's. This basically means that the PS3 by default is NTSC safe where as the xbox 360 is not. If you were to compare these two consoles on a SD-TV with the default settings the PS3 would be less likely to blow out the low and top end of the video; however, if the purpose of these videos is to compare them on equal footing in RGB space then leaving this setting on is 100% in actuate. The unfortunate thing is apparently this true RGB setting can not be used with component cables. People should protest Sony to fix this issue as there are many component based HDTV's that can accept the full RGB spectrum, and it would allow game trailers to accurately compare both systems using their full RGB bandwidth.

Now as for Game Trailers saying they wouldn't use these settings because they modify the signal, this is not true. The limiter being on by default is modifying the signal, turning it off by enabling full RGB does nothing more than remove the limiter allowing both systems to show their true colors. By indicating they would not disable this limiter they are admitting that they desire to compare a compressed signal to an uncompressed signal. Why would Sony leave the limiter on by default? Because, more people have SD-TV's with NTSC restrictions than have full RGB compliant HD-TV's.
CrazzyMan  +   2872d ago
you can laugh as much as you want
just know, that people won`t follow your bullshit comparison anymore.

p.s. for the records, x360 was designed for component cable as a standart, that`s why all efforts were made component, to make the best image through that conection. << Hdmi is not needed - that is what said Microsoft. >> lol.
while on ps3 sony always was saying, that you will get best image through hdmi, that`s why more efforts were done for hdmi, and much less for component.
In the end, that is the reason, why there is SUCH a difference.
kevoncox  +   2872d ago
Yes... HDMi is the reason
The framerate on ps3 ports are bad. Thank you, it all makes sense now.
The RBG limitor is on and that causes jaggies, poor texture qualities and framerate issues.

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