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Nimblest-Assassin2390d ago

Well looks like Im picking this up on vita as well as AC3 on my PS3. Love Assassin's creed.

I was kinda hoping for something after the end of AC embers, but this is great too

morganfell2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Agreed. Preorder confirmed. I wonder if we'll some type of cross platform unlocks or play as with Bloodlines.


There wasn't a lot in the form of unlocks but you are missing the point. I want the methodology, not the same amount. preferably we would get some type of co-op but I don't see Ubi going that far. Ideally we would get 5 -8 missions where the protagonist from the Vita can connect and show up to assist.

I would much rather have that than some non-canon immersion breaking references to another game that isn't related to Assassins' Creed.

I love the MG series, but when I am playing AC that's what I want to play. If they want to pull references let it be to other AC titles when historically appropriate.

Nimblest-Assassin2390d ago

You know what I would love? Some crazy MGS reference or gear in the game

Remember these?

Hope its not limited to Bloodlines and Ac2 connection... you really did not get much out of it

Outside_ofthe_Box2390d ago

I'll be doing the same. Depending on how E3 goes I might pick up a vita. If that happens I'll be getting both ACs.

miyamoto2389d ago

Gentlemen set your fingers' multi-touch from Stun ... to KILL.

RedDead2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I'd love to find Geralt dead in a Whore house or something. You know the way you find Altair spread out over a broken hay cart in the Witcher 2....Yeah it would be a nice bitta payback

Here it is.

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Snookies122390d ago

Lol at the disagrees, poor delusional people. If it actually looks this good and runs at a decent framerate it's going to be a must buy for Vita owners.

SnotyTheRocket2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Yup, now i need a Vita (Was gonna get one, Uncharted FTW) But NOW, i have more incentive.

kingteekej2389d ago

I agree. It can not be a ginger. It doesn't even have a red head.

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Wintersun6162390d ago

*INB4 "not unique enough, doesn't matter"*

Jokes aside, looking forward to AC3 and whether it will be as good as the shift from AC1 to AC2 or not.

Cyrisaurus2390d ago

Looks amazing. Also, kind of weird seeing an Assassin without a hood.

Zetsomaru2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Or an assassin with woman parts.
Apparently she's mixed(French/Black) as well.

Only a few short articles and this protagonist already seems more layered and intriguing than even Ezio or Altair were. I think so, anyway.

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J86blum2389d ago

She is mixed...cause she is French and Black, that makes NO sense.. she can be a black french woman, but french isnt a race its a nationality.

BluePumpkin72389d ago


Fucking racist idiot.

MySwordIsHeavenly2389d ago

@OcularVision and @cone

I lol'd pretty hard, too. ^_^ Racism should be funny...not real.

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Nimblest-Assassin2390d ago

Well if you look at the modern day assassins... the only one wearing a hood would be Desmond... and thats a hoodie.

People were complaining that Connor stood out in the revolution, so maybe they did that so she would stay incognito

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Yangus2390d ago


MasterCornholio2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )


Another open world game for the Vita. Don´t you just love Sonys handheld.

OH btw i agree with you that it´s pretty cool and i love it that your excited for this game.

edit: I just read an article where they stated that it would be a massive open world game with the full gameplay experience that Assasins Creed offers. I find that to be an amazing feat on a handheld and it proves that having extremely powerful hardware does make a difference to the gameplay. I honestly cant imagine this game on any other portable platform imagine trying to play it on a PSP or an iPhone.

edit2: Does anyone know if there will be a 3DS version of this game? because i have a friend who loves AC and he owns a 3DS.


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extermin8or2389d ago

apparently you can travel all over new orleans without seeing a single loading screen :o and I heard mention of a city somewhere in mexico featuring :)

Rampaged Death2390d ago

Looks good but the release date is risky. If people can only pick one up they will be picking up AC3.

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