Top 10: Over The Top Weaponry

One of the most appealing parts of any video game is the weaponry because, let’s face it, most good games contain a fair amount of death dealing and we have absolutely no problem with that at all. We’ve all spent our fair share of time hacking, slashing, and blasting our way through hordes of enemies with a wide variety of like-minded weaponry, but sometimes we happen to find a weapon that really stands out from the crowd. The weapon that raises you to a God-like status as you effortlessly mow down anything and everything in your path. These weapons are the most rewarding and satisfying tools you will ever come by…and it feels damn good to know it.

- Trendy Gamers

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BringingTheThunder2119d ago

really anything from ratchet and clank couldve been included

Relientk772119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

If I ever make a list of top 10 weapons in video games, my #1 will just be: any and all weapons from the Ratchet & Clank franchise

* edit: I'll go with like anything from Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal, cuz those are my 2 favorite

Blitz Cannon
Lava Gun
Pulse Rifle
Turret Glove
Plasma Coil
Plasma Whip
Minirocket Tube
Agents of Doom

and more SOOO many more lol

TrendyGamers2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

they are definitely over the top.

TrendyGamers2119d ago

Full Frontal Assault should add a few more to that list!

guitarded772119d ago

Everyone is forgetting MR. TOOTS!!!

Relientk772119d ago

Omg ^ Unicorn gun that is hilariously amazing

I want to play that game now lol

Dante1122118d ago

@ guitar

That video made my day. Unicorn gun ftw.

guitarded772118d ago

@ Reliantk77 & Dante112

Yeah, Mr. Toots is probably the best weapon eve in a game IMO. A unicorn that shoots rainbows of destruction out of its ass really can't be topped. Only downside is you have to beat the game before you get Mr. Toots, and the game isn't that great. It's not so bad that Mr. Toots doesn't make up for it though. It's worth a $15 go at it just for Mr. Toots. :D

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Relientk772119d ago

Land Shark Gun from Armed and Dangerous is amazing.

Never tried it but the Blitzkrieg from Dead Rising 2 looks hilariously fun, and I would love to try it.

BringingTheThunder2119d ago

the topsy turvy gun from armed and dangerous was crazy too

Moncole2119d ago

I like that SR3 has its own version of the Land Shark Gun.

Relientk772119d ago

Yea I used it at my friends house, that was so much fun, I just like spammed that gun lol

acemonkey2119d ago

good surprise the purple monster from Saints row 3 didnt make the list lol

Lord_Sloth2119d ago

The Tripple Barreled Hydra was a nod to Vincent Valentine's Tripple Barreled gun called the Cerberus.

Grooveatron should have been up there somewhere.

strangelove2119d ago

While less of a weapon and more of an ability, I would list Cole's tornado power from Infamous 2. By the end of the game I was clearing whole city blocks with the press of a button.

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