10 Almost Certain Sony Announcements For E3 2012

GR - "This year, Sony has promised to unveil the "the future of gameplay and innovation", delivering 20 game announcements at their E3 press conference. Big promises, of course, but Sony always has at least a few grand surprises at the biggest stage in gaming."

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Hellsvacancy2236d ago

I hope they dont announce Killzone 4, id rather wait until next gen for that

I hope Quantic Dream shows me something, i mean show us something

Razmossis2236d ago

I hope they don't change the xmb. It's great the way it is, especially compared to the vita. Depending on your theme, it's as good as having a nice poster on your wall, subtle and stuff, vita looks more like a menu than a background.

On the other, I would like an ingame xmb change

Relientk772236d ago

I'm suprised PlayStation All-Stars wasn't on the list, I'm sure they're gonna show and discuss that game more

TheFinalEpisode2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Actually it is confirmed, I e-mailed SuperBot about it and this was their response:"we will definitely have some exciting new announcements at E3!"

So yeah :D!

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stephmhishot2236d ago

Haha, the Star Wars parody poster is hilarious.

miyamoto2235d ago

Yeah I noticed that too. XD

Its Kaz, Jack, and Kevin versus The Darkside of the Force's "Evil Empire"

I wonder who Darth Vader represents?

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The story is too old to be commented.