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The Vblank Entertainment Inc., developers are working on Retro City Rampage, were evidently not satisfied with the turn matters are taking the modern video games and software houses that produce them, and so have decided - boldly - to "incubate" the mechanics of the most popular genre of today, free-roaming, and transport them directly in the 80's.

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VGNetwork2182d ago

Unfortunately, the release date is still TBA 2012. :(

We're waiting for news in the next days...

thrashermario2182d ago

will it have a 'metalgear' reference

Chuk52182d ago

All the excitement I had for RCR, just slowly sapped away with each delay.

It makes me sad, because the game seemed cool from day one, but I just so indifferent to it now :(

It may as well be vapourware.

VGNetwork2182d ago

Why did you say that? The title is still promising...