Let's hope IO doesn't screw up the Hitman series

With so many game series changing directions and opting to cater towards wider markets, are the last bastions of times past clinging on for dear life in an increasingly competitive and more costly marketplace?

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wallis2387d ago

I'm hoping they're hiding an actual hitman game behind the splinter cell conviction mod they keep showing.

cstyle2387d ago

Its their IP dude. Change doesn't always mean bad.

-Superman-2387d ago

They already did.
Most missions are like Hitman Blood first mission "Death of a Showman" or action missions.

Its kinda sad not to have missions like
Chinatown dosent look like old Hitman games. I mean you saw yourself. One option to walk house and snipe him and walk away. Second option put bomb on car and blow up. Third option take enemy clothes and call him to house and kill him. Way too easy.

DarrenLambert2387d ago

That's why its called a demo. They're plenty of ways to kill him. Mind you he showed 5 ways in 10 minutes. Blood Money had a few obvious ways to take out a target as well. You just had to get creative to find other ways. And that's the strength of this series creativity.

-Superman-2387d ago

I really want missions like "A New Life" or "House of Cards"

I mean like big map and so many different stuff and ways do to. I dont like linear maps.

bunt-custardly2387d ago

They have shown ONE LEVEL peeps "Chinatown" which looks like a condensed version of the old Hitman games. So rhere's hope, but no one has any idea what the rest of the game will be like.

BlmThug2387d ago

Yeah I read that too, sounds like classic Hitman

creatchee2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

People forget that Hitman isn't a traditional stealth game - it's about misdirection, hiding in plain sight, and creative assassinations. Everything I've seen thus far screams Hitman.

bunt-custardly2387d ago

Yeh agreed, but as already pointed out. There's Hitman as in 'Death of a Showman' linear rubbish. Or there's Hitman A New Life open style levels. From what has been showcased thus far has not been very open but still fits within the realms of "Hitman"

Just like Splinter Cell, or Ghost Recon being tailored to suit mainstream gamers, could the openness of the levels be toned down? That would be a shame.

-Superman-2387d ago

Hitman 5 will be like level "Death of a Showman"
6 level seen, and all looks like that :S

No_Pantaloons2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

'Death of a Showman' was a tutorial. If the new game has every level like that its gonna be awful. That is not the hitman series.

There are 4 games so far and only the first and last levels of blood money have deviated from an open play style. This linear garbage is not representative of the hitman games at all. Each game has at least 12 levels so pointing to an example like DoaS as a gameplay style for the series is absurd.

They've already ditched the minimap,fiberwire,fired the voice actor, and fired the music composer. Making it linear on the baseless premise that that somehow the past games have done it only shows how little respect they have for the series. This is nothing more then a completely original game with the hitman label slapped on it.