Sony to sell downloadable content at GameStops in Europe and Australia

Sony isn't about to let Nintendo and PC games get a leg up on it in the downloadable content (DLC) arena. That's why the company's European arm (which also runs the show in Australia and New Zealand) is taking its digital wares to GameStop, where customers will be able to use cash, gift cards or trade credits to purchase activation codes for PlayStation Network games and add-ons.

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GraveLord1693d ago

Smart move.

I know Microsoft does this in the US with Gamestop.

sinncross1693d ago

I wonder if Sony will announced something like this for American for the USA at E3.

sloth33951693d ago

they already were doing it when the PSPGo came out selling game cards in gamestop with codes for downloadable games

theEx1Le1693d ago

Old!!!!, Game have been doing this for months

GribbleGrunger1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

over 2 years in the UK. unless they mean specifically 'Gamestop'?

BuffMordecai1693d ago

I don't get the point, just buy the money card and buy what you want on psn.