Top 9 Funny Glitches In PlayStation Games

MainDevice has compiled a small collection of 9 PlayStation games sequences that are sure to make you smile ;)

You'll find funny glitches from:

-Just Cause 2
-Fifa 12
-Hitman Blood Money
-Max Payne 3

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ANIALATOR1362207d ago (Edited 2207d ago )

Andy Carrol Judas

waltyftm2206d ago

Geordie scumbag lol,

Very funny video.

Bimkoblerutso2206d ago

Haha, wouldn't have been nearly as funny without that music.

guitarded772206d ago

Red Dead really did have some of the best glitches this console generation. Nothing game breaking, just funny.

RememberThe3572206d ago

Red Dead with the R. Kelly sound track had be rollin. Everything else was meh.

SonyStyled2206d ago

oh crysis, i hated that game