Is Nintendo HD Ready?

Eurogamer: After a year of rumours and speculation based on developer leaks and inconclusive E3 2011 demos, we are now just days away from our first real look at the final version of Nintendo's new Wii U hardware. While controversy surrounds the spec of the machine and whether there is any kind of generational leap from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, perhaps the more interesting topic is just how some of the world's greatest game designers will utilise the immense level of graphical performance a more modern GPU has to offer. In short, to what extent is Nintendo HD ready?

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Titanz2385d ago

Nintendo's more than capable to produce amazing titles in this "HD gaming," era. A lot of people will be on watch at this year's E3, to witness just how well Nintendo's HD offerings can stack up against the industry's standard of high fidelity games.

killerhog2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

HD era started years ago, but its nice that nintendo decided to join us. Though, I want original IPs from them, HD Mario or Zelda is not going to cut it for me.

I bought their, 'New Super Mario Wii' which wasn't new (as it was a DS game I believe), then gave it to my sister. She got Mario galaxy and Zelda and that's it, then never touched her wii after beating those.

PopRocks3592385d ago

If Nintendo was able to produce the graphics for Mario Galaxy and Zelda Skyward Sword, then I have no doubts they're more than prepped for HD game development.

Just look at the Zelda tech demo from last year's E3.

eagle212385d ago

That demo is...real talk, beautiful. I don't understand how anyone couldn't see the potential in the hardware with how detailed that demo is. Nintendo crafts games extremely well even on limited hardware. How could anyone miss out on Zelda now? The hardware seems capable of something really beautiful.

dark-hollow2385d ago

yeah nintendo is very good at taking full capabilities of the hardware they are working on.

give mario galaxy some AA and a resolution boost and it will past as a an acceptable looking next gen game (the 360/ps3 gen)

Y_51502385d ago

Since I owned an HDTV and a PS3. I always see that whatever Nintendo is doing now with SD is amazing already, I can't imagine how great and stuff I don't I always wanted Nintendo in HD just to see their beautiful worlds in HD....HD!

h311rais3r2385d ago

Mario HD would be great. Same with metroid, SSB and especially ZELDA if it looks like that tech demo at all!

shackdaddy2385d ago

All you have to do is look at how well they were able to make SD games look pretty. Im expecting good things from Nintendo...

AWBrawler2385d ago


If those look good in SD, imagine an HD Fire Emblem

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The story is too old to be commented.