Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2012

BT writes: It’s that time of the year again: E3! The expo seems to be getting less and less relevant each year with more developers announcing games leading up to the show rather than at it. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a boatload of games playable for the first time though, because there will be. With so many games it can be tough to keep track of them all. There’s only so much time to consume media and only so much money in our wallets we can spend on games. So we here at Blistered Thumbs have put together a list of 10 games that will be at E3 we’re more excited about than any other.

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stage882384d ago

Poor list, they only put up one of the Playstation exclusives which was The Last of Us.
At least that was at number 1.

mayberry2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

agree... poor list....the comments on the site convey that the list is "meh" also. Would of been a better list with "last guardian", "dust 514", "LBP Karting", but it did also have " Ni No Kuni ", which I belive is another ps3 exclusive...

andibandit2384d ago

Last Guardian.....are you serious????

there hasnt been any news about Last Guardian for years, why do you think it's gonna pop up now?.

Chuk52384d ago

Poor list because there aren't enough sony exclusives = n4g logic.

stage882384d ago

For me, it is a poor list. I am mostly interested in the Playstation exclusives that will be shown and have very little interest in the multiplats. It is my view and opinion.

Maybe you should change your equation to:

Chuk5 = elitist douche

Myst2384d ago

I wish Tomb Raider wasn't pushed back but hopefully it's to make it better overall :). Kind of curious about RE6 but at the same time it's like sitting on the fence not sure what to think of it yet.

caseh2384d ago

Same for me with MG:R

- Not fussed on Raiden
+ It's Konami

Time will tell I guess.

TheLeapist2384d ago

I disagree with the majority of those selections. Those are all games I am excited about but most of them we already know a ton about and have seen lots from already. I'm always most excited for the most mysterious games at e3. Haha. That's just me though.

Plagasx2384d ago

Dead Space 3
Crysis 3
Quantic Dreams new game
The Last Guardian

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