Should GTA 5 be on iPhone 5 this year? writes: When we first got our hands on Grand Theft Auto 3 for the iPhone it was amazing and extremely welcomed, which is thanks to hundreds of hours being spent on a birds-eye-view version. While we enjoyed playing that version for iOS, it was certainly lacking in features and graphics found in the newer game. When the iPhone 5 gets a release later this year we don’t want to wait a long time again for an upgrade to the current iOS offering, so should GTA 5 be on the iPhone 5 this year?

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danswayuk2389d ago

Car customization on the iPhone sounds cool, it would be silly to leave an iOS update for so long like they did before, of course this also includes Android.

NukaCola2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

They might be able to do an app for phone that tells you when you have missions or updates from GTA V like GTAIV did ingame. Could sync up and also sync up the Social Club. check friends stats, etc. I think that would be need. Especially if they updated missions or side missions more frequently like what inFAMOUS 2 did.

I personally want another handheld GTA. I don't know why we never got a San Andreas Stories. But I personally loved Chinatown Wars on DS and it's by far my second favorite GTA next to GTA:SA. I would love another on on Vita/3DS.

danswayuk2389d ago

That's a nice idea, but a full game would be good as well.

bigjin2389d ago

NO, it shouldn't be there

ricky3602389d ago

Then you don't have to buy it.

TopDudeMan2389d ago

I don't see any reason why they can't make it another top-down old school GTA game for the iphone, the way they did chinatown wars.

danswayuk2389d ago

You prefer this over GTA 3's style on iPhone, which is almost the same as console? That seems crazy, like going backwards.

Moby-Royale2389d ago

Sounds normal to me, actually. In the same way that I enjoy Ocarina of Time, Starfox 64, MGS1, FFVII, Symphony of the Night, ect. ect.

I guess some people just do not enjoy those, I suppose.

TopDudeMan2389d ago

I just think that's an ideal way to play GTA portably.

Rhythmattic2389d ago

Actually, a little mini GTA game on Mobile devices would be a hoot!!!

The Rage game was fun on the iphone... Well implemented.... That is the key.

ricky3602389d ago

Why have a mini game when it could be the full GTA 5 experience.

dark-hollow2389d ago

sense smartphones could handle GTA 3 flawlessly then port san andreas next instead of GTA 5 which would be a heavily gimped version.

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The story is too old to be commented.