Five Most Anticipated Games for E3 2012

Davis from Denkiphile: "With only days before the doors to E3 open, gamers everywhere are anxiously awaiting the new titles, details on announced titles, and the slew of gaming news that they will be assaulted with from their favorite RSS feeds. Aside from the “will they, won’t they” questions about console reveals from Sony and Microsoft, several key games stand out from the rest. Here are five titles that stand out from the rest and have me rolling around bed at night."

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NastyLeftHook02385d ago

Im really hoping resident evil 6 holds up, but im not holding my breath.

Batzi2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

Don't worry, it will.

1- Although I know it's not Metal Gear I am a bit curious how the Rising demo will turn out.

2- GTAV plz!

3- MGS5 small tease or at least a confirmation!

4- CastleVania(2D) for Vita!

NastyLeftHook02385d ago

those words just comforted me...strange.

TopDudeMan2385d ago

I was excited for metal gear: rising. Notice the past tense. The first gameplay of it looked awesome, but the second one they released looked too hack and slashy.

dark-hollow2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

i get where youre coming from.
the first trailer looked slow paced, tenchu-like gameplay while the newer ones (post platinum) looks more like ninja gaiden.

cant complain about both till a get my hands on the game.

TopDudeMan2385d ago

Yeah, if they do a demo, I'll check it out. Hard to say much about a game that isn't out.

Slugg3r2385d ago

When I really think about it, Raiden never really did any sneaking in his ninja form in MGS4. In the new trailer it could be clearly seen, that despite new direction not having ability to sneak all times, you're still able to do suprise attacks on enemy groups, taking couple of them out and then traditionally slicing the rest. This is infact more like the Raiden we saw in MGS4.

Demo is gonna be included in ZoE HD collection.

dark-hollow2385d ago

"Demo is gonna be included in ZoE HD collection.."

wow didn't knew about that.
one more reason to get the collection since I never played ZoW before.

EmperorDalek2385d ago

The guy that wrote this obviously didn't see the new trailer for MGR:R... It looks like absolute garbage.

juaburg2385d ago

I agree on the first Rising demo. Looked so epic!!! And looked so cool to play. The new one looks to button smashy for me... But hey,lets wait and see,dont want to judge to quickly :)

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