I Watched This Kingdom Hearts Lore-Primer And I Still Have No Idea What is Going On

Kirk Hamilton writes, "So, I watched this video. I've always known that Kingdom Hearts had some dense lore, so it made sense that it took the folks at Lore In a Minute almost two minutes to sum up the story of Kingdom Hearts. But after watching it… I still have no idea what the hell is going on in Kingdom Hearts."

Video contains spoilers for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

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Snookies122391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

It's not "dense" it's a damn good story, it just takes a LOT of research most of which can't be summed up so quickly. You actually have to really read into things to really understand what's going on. I'm not even 100% on it at times, but the amount of intricacy threaded throughout each character and their relation to one another is rather amazing. You could equate it to sheets lol, the threads are woven so close together you really have to get close in order to actually see each individual threads.

EDIT: Also, this video is a really good AND bad summary. It goes through it so quickly I barely understood it... Just play Birth by Sleep or watch the videos of it all the way through, it'll make much more sense.

zeal0us2391d ago

Those guys should of did a one minute summary for all KH games rather trying sum up the whole series.

Lucretia2391d ago

exactly, the story is very very good. there are just alot of idiots that don't understand wtf is going on. Honestly you dont even need to play most of the side games to know wtf is going on.

just KH1,Chain of memories, KH2 and birth by sleep.

but people get confused easily cause they are to busy texting while the scenes are on or skip them.

if someone is actually paying attention and still don't get it, they must be pretty dense

Son_Lee2391d ago

I lost track by the time the second KH was over. Having not played ANY of the handheld ones, I'm officially lost.

rezzah2391d ago

Wiki it or I believe they plan to bring out a KH collection with 5 games or maybe it was a rumor.

MagicAccent2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

i dondt rememmbr dolan beeing in KH,, but it wnt betrer thhan exckpected