GamePlox: Playstation Store Update Week of June 5th 2012

While we might not know what Sony's E3 conference has in store for us, you can at least get a rundown of the PSN's 6/5 update, from games to DLC and more.

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MrMister1963d ago

Virtua Fighter 5 evolution is plenty for me this week

jeseth1963d ago

No Walking Dead Ep. 2 yet? WTF? Now I'm getting a little annoyed.

Telltale said monthly ... first Episode was in April. I bought all the episodes at once ... HELLO!!!

Neoprime1963d ago

Same for me, the only thing i'm buying.

Canary1962d ago

Gravity Rush mother****er.

Gravity Crush.

The rest of the update could simply be more removal of current PS3 features, and it would STILL be a good update.

Plus, Gravity Rush costume DLC.

**** Yeah.

jek71962d ago

gravity crash is a different game i think its a psn game

Xof1962d ago

I think it's worth pointing out that we NEVER get reliable info this far in advance, and we NEVER know everything that's going to be added to the store until it actually updates/the official blog post.

For example, we already know (for a fact) that next week will see additional (overpriced) Dragon's Dogman and Atelier Meruru DLC.