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Microsoft wants Xbox to be the entertainment hub for all your devices

In a pre-E3 pep talk, Microsoft highlighted the Xbox 360's ongoing success and teased some plans to keep its momentum rolling. The company has sold 67 million units since the console launched in 2005, generating over $56 billion at retail and earning Microsoft a 47% share of the current-generation console market. An increasing number of Xbox 360s are sold each year and that trend is expected to continue in 2012. (Xbox 360)

GribbleGrunger  +   788d ago
now where have i heard this before?
Clarence   788d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
TBM  +   787d ago
Microsoft has made my 360 a paperweight. i can't believe they think Im stupid enough to pay them to play online when i already pay my cable subscriber to use my online.

lack of variety in 1st party exclusives, useless social apps i don't care about, and and forcing me to pay to play online when Im already doing that has all but made up my mind that i won't be purchasing their new console.

nintendo and Sony will have me covered for my tastes in games.
modesign  +   787d ago
Cstyile- sony was laughing when micro had to waste a billion dollars for there RROD problem.
yesmynameissumo  +   788d ago
I don't want them to be my entertainment hub.

This will be marked as trolling.
StrongMan   788d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Godmars290  +   788d ago
Where is this 47% coming from, especially considering that there are more Wiis out there. Nevermind that the PS3, despite being in 3rd, still has a chunk of the market as well. And that's just consoles.

Also: hasn't *everyone* been selling less numbers? Again that's just consoles.
mandf  +   788d ago
Godmars290 You should know by now most of game journalists just make up stuff on the fly most of the time.
Citizen_King  +   788d ago
They are trying to pass American numbers as Worldwide again...
egidem  +   788d ago
Read my mind. They're talking about US/NA numbers, which of course, doesn't represent the whole world.

For example, let's compare it to a region where the Xbox is doing really bad, say Japan.
timotim  +   788d ago
They are talking revenue generated on the project. Xbox 360, its games, subscription charges, digital downloads and peripherals at retail and online.
user5467007  +   788d ago
It's a GAMES console Microsoft...A GAMES CONSOLE

If you aren't interested in the games industry anymore and you want out why don't you admit it.

The only reason they havent left yet and are turning the Xbox into a media hub is because they don't want to leave the audience they've built up over the years behind, not knowing (or ignoring) that most of their audience are gamers and don't care about this sort of stuff.

I mean trying to change the games industry into something which goes against "gaming" for their own greedy needs is disrespectful to gamers who have followed them since the Xbox.

Least when Sony marketed the PS3 as a media hub with it's main blu ray feature back in 2006 it was presented as that. Now they don't need to worry about it anymore since they had a plan from the beginging and are focusing on the games...you know what make a console.

Honestly I don't understand MS sometimes.
Godmars290  +   788d ago
By the time the PS3 had been announce, Sony had established several healthy in-house developers. With XBox1 was simply looking - expecting - 3rd parties to flock to them on name alone. When they didn't that's when they opened their wallet.

How doesn't the same apply to MS on their first attempt at a console? Sony at least had the benefit of Nintendo's licensing fees and the cheap space CDs gave with the PS1.

MS came in arrogant. Still are if you look XBL fees and several things they've done in regards to MMOs and first releases. The whole 47% they're pulling out of their butt.
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cstyle  +   788d ago
"3rd parties to flock to them on name alone".

No dude, that is what sony was thinking with the PS3 but it didn't work.
StayStatic  +   788d ago
Thats what my PC is for ...
Uncharted2Vet  +   788d ago
I've been saying this

an0nym0us  +   788d ago
Can't wait to watch Kung-Fu Panda on Blu-Ray on my Xbox...
nikrel  +   788d ago
Lets pay for things that are free on a PC, or PS3. I am just willing to keep shelling out cash to MS for things I get for free already!!

So glad they want the xbox as a hub, cus the mindless will follow.
modesign  +   787d ago
you could opt for the XBL silver and get nothing. lol
LAWSON72  +   788d ago
When i can listen to pandora when playing games on xbox let me know. All wait ms dont want to improve my gaming experience so that wont happen
Laxman  +   788d ago
Just add BluRay to the Next Xbox and keep the kind of features you have now and mission; accomplished.
PixL  +   788d ago
X360 has an ancient DVD drive. DVD quality material looks like crap on HD screens. X360 has no streaming services in my country and most of the world. Same for 70% of Live features. I'd have to pay the same price for 30% of service? Keep to your US and UK territories MS. With a policy like that you'll be always last in sales in the rest of the world.
Bladesfist  +   788d ago
and my HDD is faster at reading and writing than a blu ray drive. Does that make blu ray ancient? After this next console I expect it all to go digital as there are no real downsides except the people who say "I like having a box".

-Better for the environment
-Fatser Read/Write times makes loading faster
-Unlimited shelf space for games (Meaning older games are still stocked)
-The above brings a longer life cycle to your game.
-No switching disks or disks getting damaged
-Game updates are downloaded along with the game.
thebudgetgamer  +   788d ago
Console manufacturers would be extremely stupid to try that, the first thing that will happen is losing retail support.

The Targets of the world don't make money on hardware so if you take the games away they got no way of earning.
Bladesfist  +   788d ago
Every retailer makes money on hardware or they will not stock it (Sony and MS may not). Gaming going digital is inevitable, just like TV, Music, Movies. To disagree is naive, the retail entertainment industry is already going to the dogs. Digital allows for a bigger cut of the money to go to the developers as they do not need to pay a publisher to create 10 million discs. This means you will have more independent games as well.
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Hicken  +   787d ago
"I like having a box."
What that REALLY means is, "I like having a solid, verifiable version of what I own." A lot of good it does you to "own" a car when the manufacturer can take the keys away whenever they want.

Why is it that people who are proponents to all-digital gaming are so doggedly adamant on denying that there ARE real issues to be worked out first?

If the servers hosting the games go down, you have nothing. Your files can be corrupted far more easily than a disc, if the amount of care you put into them is the same. HDD space is limited, and you'll have to keep upgrading or delete older stuff, instead of just putting an old game in storage somewhere out of the way.

And all this predicates on having accessible and reliable internet for the majority of gamers, which we can't say will be true even in ten years.

Seriously, think these things through first, especially before you start belittling someone else's argument for being flimsy.
the worst  +   788d ago
its never going to work as long as you have to pay for xboxlive
iNFAMOUZ1  +   788d ago
love my live its my escape from reality with ALL my friends
tweet75  +   788d ago
i say i want a gaming console for gaming. I got other devices to take care of the other things.
Hicken  +   788d ago
Well, for one, it's not gonna connect to my Vita or PS3, which are already entertainment hubs of their own.

For another, they seem to be losing sight of the primary focus of their device: playing games. Yes, they have some fine XBLA titles, which are completely useless to anyone without internet, as opposed to the potential availability of the nonexistent retail versions. And they have a handful of very nice franchises to look forward to each year, along with dozens that are just rotting away.

And, as the worst says above, you'll never be able to truly convince people(fanboys don't count) that your device is an entertainment hub if you're charging them right along with all the other fees.
yeahokchief  +   788d ago
Then perhaps they shouldn't have made such a shoddy console that dies so often.
BitbyDeath  +   788d ago
Blu-ray addon announcement incoming?
Omnislash  +   787d ago
SO lets say I want to be entertained by Video games can I use my PS3?

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