Modern Warfare 3 – Shipment and Rust Remakes a Possibility

MP1st - According Infinity Ward, remakes of classic Modern Warfare Shipment and Rust are, indeed, a possibility for future DLC.

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momthemeatloaf1430d ago

For the kids with ADD. Those maps were terrible.

ginsunuva1430d ago

Remake? You mean Copy-Paste, right?

Vettur1430d ago

I guess it's understandable. Allmost every map after CoD 4 and MW 2 were terrible.

RioKing1429d ago

Not really....Black Ops' maps were pretty good actually.

Vettur1429d ago

When I think about it, I accully agree, but they tried too hard to come up with something new witch in my opinion made the game pretty bad ;)

CanadianTurtle1430d ago

Out of all the maps, why would you remake rust?

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