GNT: Demon’s Souls is Born Anew

Peter Thomas writes: "Last month, I wrote about the coming end days of the Demon’s Souls servers. I was deeply anguished, and many players, including myself, wrote to Atlus to share our grief. The servers were intended upon ending tomorrow, May 31, 2012."

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MysticStrummer2389d ago

Wow very good news for those who haven't yet worked up the courage to tackle one of this generation's best games (my personal 1st or 2nd favorite, along with Dark Souls... I go back and forth over which is best), or those who want to renew their addiction.

BiggCMan2389d ago

I do think Demon's Souls is the better game over all. However that doesn't mean Dark Souls is a worse game, there is just certain things I much prefer in Demon's souls over Dark. There's also certain things I prefer in Dark Souls over Demon's, especially the new health system, and the more open world for sure. I don't want to bore anyone by making a full list of things I prefer however, this is just my own opinion.

Both games though, absolutely fantastic, and some of the best in this gen, and of all time in my opinion. They are so well made, such COMPLETE games, like you don't feel like anything was missing at all in either game. Which is one reason why i'm surprised about the new DLC for Dark Souls. Surprised, but happy as hell though, it looks incredible, and i'm extremely excited for the new dedicated PvP area in it.

RedDead2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I dunno, I like Dark souls more as a single player game because of the things you mention. I find the area's and enemies more interesting. And the health system + generally more content.

But the online just sucks compared to Demons souls.

If I had to recommend either one it would be Dark souls though

BiggCMan2388d ago

Well actually I did say I prefer the open world and health system in DARK Souls rather than Demon's Souls. My mistake for confusion. Things I prefer in Demon's Souls is quite a long list, I didn't feel like typing it.

egidem2389d ago

I'm glad I got this game. At first it was one hell of a female dog. It was hard. But as I slowly overcame each challenge it felt incredibly rewarding, despite the number of times I had died trying.

This is one of the best RPGs I've played this gen. If you have a PS3, this is one of the exclusives you must have in your collection.

NastyLeftHook02389d ago

i recommend ANY ps3 gamers to play Demons Souls, it is such an amazing game.

TheSaint2389d ago

I endorse this recommendation.

RXL2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

i recommend this endorsement.

Furesis2389d ago

i ordered mine yesterday i hope it isn't much different from dark souls

Kos-Mos2389d ago

Best game this generation. Only one game close; Metal Gear Solid 4.
The rest is button mashing garbage.

Tallpaul772389d ago

Very similar to dark souls. World tendency is probably the main difference... Both brilliant games.