Igarashi Down: Castlevania Says Farewell to the Pixel Dimension

Clint addresses some breaking news and pays respects to the departed Koji Igarashi and the ghostly posthumous rattles of pixel art.

Well, god damn. Here I was all set to unleash my malevolent fury upon the much beloved Nintendo corporation for their tireless quest to waste my entertainment space with lackluster home console offerings. Things changed. Five hundreds words into my most ebullient deconstruction of a video game company yet and a more tantalizing news tidbit has presented itself. The Nintendo postmortem will have to be suspended until next week, ideally after their Triple E press conference because I'd like to have plenty of coffin nails to spare. Presently it seems I have to respectfully pen a grief-wrought eulogy for a recently deceased friend. I'll keep it short and concise like all my classic eulogies. If you're a fan of Goodbye Annie: Cherished Family Dog and Humanity's Best Friend then you're in for a real treat.

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ronin4life2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

After reading the header, I've deduced that this writer is a douche and an imbecile.
*Puts on top hat and gives disappointed glare*
What a waste.
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rataranian2387d ago

So it's really not dead, this guy just thinks it is?

ronin4life2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

How is what magnum said spam?
If that comment was spam, so is this entire article.
It has been confirmed that LoS is the LAST in a series(Edit: Link: ) , and Koga san isn't going to sit on his hands the rest of his life.
The Mods here(or whoever is responsible for this) need to chill.

*puts on bow tie*
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DivineAssault 2387d ago

When he stops making Castlevania, I stop playing it.. It would be a horrible shame if theres never a beautiful HD sprite based castle to platform ever again.. I screamed with anger when i saw the PS2 looking 3ds abomination.. Sure mercury steam may make a decent game for it but the full 2D hand drawn dream was the reason i bought that handheld system.. Now i have no use for it & will sell it if the game bombs or Igarashi doesnt make another in the near future

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