Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Review - Chaos Hour

When Chaoshour first heard that Harley was getting her very own Arkham City DLC, Chaoshour was besides itself with excitement. It's no secret that Chaoshour have an enormous amount of love for the psychopathic little trickster and Chaoshour revelled in the idea of her finally getting some time to bathe in the the spotlight. Which is why it makes it even more painful for us to say that sadly, Chaoshour did not enjoy this DLC at all.

Allow us to firstly begin with some back-story to our grievances.

Harley Quinn's Revenge is set two weeks after the end of the Batman Arkham City game and atmosphere wise everything feel very familiar right from the get go. Through communications from Oracle, we find out: 1. Harley has now taken over The Joker's old hideout. 2. Batman goes to find out what's up, only to get taken hostage. 3. He has been missing for 2 days and this prompts Robin to take action and try to save the caped crusader. So we start the game as the Boy Wonder, flash back to Batman to see what went down and back and...

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