How Do You RPG?

RPGs are games with a unique sense of customization. From setting your own personal loadouts to your own race and even facial structure, it's the role-playing element that makes them so uniquely personal. So, what things do you consider when choosing a class in an RPG? Are you more of a magic wielder, or do you like to brandish a heavy weapon and lay waste to hellspawn? The staff of sounds off on their top picks for RPG classes, and why they pick them.

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NYC_Gamer2385d ago

Warrior all the time :)

cpayne932385d ago

There's more than one way to play in those games... btw, notice everyone here has a disagree? A disagree fairy came through here.

Lord_Sloth2385d ago

Bastard Sword in hand and the power to just plain destroy. That's just how I roll.

Cennus2385d ago

I used to be nothing but warrior classes and switch off between tanking or flat out damage. WoW killed that for me. I hated tanking in that game mostly because of the community. One mistake and boom, you're kicked from the party of blasted by elistist jerk.

Now I play mostly ranged, magic types. Having fun with it since I played nothing but melee for years.

Mutant-Spud2385d ago

Ranger or Rogue for me, rockin the magic archer in Dragon's Dogma at present.

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