Resistance Burning Skies : An Experience Your Phone Can’t Offer (PushStartSelect Review)

PushStartSelect: "Resistance: Burning Skies is the prime example of why anyone will buy a Vita. It has stunning visuals, along with nearly perfect controls thanks to two analog sticks and the touchscreen. This is an experience even the Xperia Play has yet to offer, and is something no touch screen only phone will ever offer. The controls are not laggy, the game has a steady frame rate, and the online multiplayer is actually pretty good. All the positives aside, this game still feels like a “first generation” launch title and needs a lot of improvements……"

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NastyLeftHook02389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I enjoyed this title, The only thing i must say is that it was rather shorter than i had previously imagined or expected what it would be. Nonetheless a solid handheld fps experience i had enjoyed on the go.

S_C2388d ago

whats the online like, played the demo and quite liked it but i dunno weather the online activity will last

Pixel_Enemy2388d ago

Finally a site review that doesn't compare it to consoles but rather other mobile games and devices! The single player was decent, short but fun. Multiplayer is a lot of fun, I just hope they support it with new maps and possible game modes in future DLC to keep the community active. An online multiplayer FPS with dual analog sticks for a portable device... AWESOME.

S_C2388d ago

Is there many online, whats the match making like ?

Pixel_Enemy2388d ago

It is not hard at all to find full rooms. Matchmaking is great. Large matches of 8 people or small matches of 4. Only a few game types though..

Team deathmatch - 2v2 or 4v4

Deathmatch - every man for himself 4 or 8 players

Survival mode - (really fun but short) 8 players, 7 human and one chimera. Each human that dies is converted to chimera until every last human is killed. Run and hide!

The only down sides to the multiplayer are few game types and only 6 maps.

I am also a little disappointed that there isn't online chat in the game since everyone has a mic built in to their vita. You can chat if you start a party and invite friends though.

remanutd552389d ago

an experience i havent had on a portable device before, love the game and i'm totally addicted to the online multiplayer, hopefully Nihilistic released at least 3 free maps ( free so they dont divide the community)

KevPC2389d ago

totally agree with the title

MySwordIsHeavenly2388d ago

I absolutely love this game and my Vita.

However, I have an Xperia Play, so my phone COULD offer this experience, in theory.

jackjani2388d ago

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