The Rise and Fall of Sony - Part 2

Industry veteran and former Sony exec Richard Browne continues his in-depth look at Sony's failings and how the future could indeed still be very bright.

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Jackhass2119d ago

Love this kind of inside stuff.

LackTrue4K2119d ago

@jackhass, ya...its cool, its like eves dropping :)
OT: The Rise and Fall of Sony.....only to fall on a trampoline and rise 3 times higher.

darthv722119d ago

i like the idea of a my sony life type of central system. They just need to make it work but most of all make it cost effective for the consumer.

mushroomwig2119d ago

I agree, all the cool zombies are doing it.

Morgue2119d ago

How bout that Krokodile crap they're shooting up in Russia that's makes your flesh fall off.


Captain Tuttle2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

I don't think Kaz is the guy to turn Sony around. He's too much of an insider. He was put there by the Board because he's relatively safe in their eyes.

Hope I'm wrong.

andibandit2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

+ he has forever been immortalized and intertwined with....

"It's Ridge Racer!"
crowd stares in disbelief.

Persistantthug2119d ago

Isn't it time to let that go now?

2119d ago
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