3.0 Resistance: Burning Skies Review

From Resist the urge to buy this game.

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GribbleGrunger2357d ago

i'm sorry but these review scores are getting ridiculous. how can this game be getting high scores and low scores of such a varying degree. and then you'll see a silly iphone app getting 9/10.

stevenhiggster2357d ago

I have the game and it is pretty good imho. No it aint great but it most definitely is not as bad as these idiot reviews are making out. It's like some sad competition to see who can give it the lowest score! imho it's a 7/10 game, no lower than that.

Blastoise2357d ago

I agree. Its nothing outstanding, but its a good game. Where these 2/10's and 3/10s are coming from is beyond me, its not exactly "AMY" is it?

MattyG2357d ago

@Blastoise Exactly. Amy got tons of scores below 5 (like Burning Skies is) and that was an infuriating, nearly broken mess. That is definitely not the case here. This game is quite playable and very fun. Critics need to be more consistent in what the mean by their scores.

HammockGames2357d ago

Agreed. I'm at the end of the game and enjoyed it the entire time. IMHO this is a solid entry in the franchise - not the peak of it - but pretty damn good.

My only beef was online MP - couldn't get into a game until last night, but I'm more of a SP gamer anyway.

I'd give it a 7-8, personally.

I don't get the low reviews. It looks good, plays great, the new weapons and chimera are cool. Sound is so-so. How that equates to low scores, I'm vexed.

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SolidFenix862357d ago

I agree here as well. I remember that iPhone game made by Epic games(the name escapes me) getting such a great score so I tried it out....It didn't appeal to me at all.

Monkeyboy2357d ago

It's because game reviews are opinions, quality is not a scientifically measurable attribute, there is no industry standard ratings scale, and scores are not universally comparable from one system to the next.

morganfell2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Industry standard? There isn't an individual site standard. From large organizations like IGN to cheap sites run from their parents basement like gamerstemple they have no standards among themselves. They damn a game for something they either praise in another game or outright ignore.

None of these places have printed standards that thoroughly explain their mechanism for reviews. Or why they go for a year without realizing the numbers 1 through 5 exist then they pick a game that almost universally is liked by the owners and they remember that the number 3 is in the base 10 system.


There isn't any editorial standards at all. And no editor. Actually no editor in chief - and just for gamerstemeple an editor isn't a spellchecker.

Reviews shouldn't be just opinion. These trash sites want people to visit, people as in the the public, then the games need to be reviewed for the public. For that demographic. Trust me you dumb reviewers, none of you are so likeable or charismatic that we care what you personally think.

That is the purpose of having standards for the site, to assist in minimizing the opinion ridden tripe with which we are continually inundated and instead try to provide a modicum of objectivity. Standards also allow for comparison that is more than the flavor of the day stupidity most of the sites use as guidelines.

All it means is these morons are completely out of touch with the public and the people from whom they desperately need clicks. There is no better reviewer than yourself and none better second to that than fellow gamers whom you trust.

Monkeyboy2357d ago

Maybe you should have actually checked the site before writing this diatribe. I did not write this review, but I am the site's Executive Editor. The rating system used by the site can be found here: The site is hosted in a major server farm, not a basement, and everyone on the writing staff are adults who live on their own and not with their parents. And if you truly didn't care what our writers personally thought about games, you would never have written such an angry, insult-laden, and childish response.

Diver2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

well mr ed in chief maybe you should have checked your own link. it says epic fail page doesn't exist. thanks for proven everything morgan said. now you'll probly try to fix it real quick but you already failed hard. an people dont have to care to call you out. i dont think much of dog crap but i still curse out loud when it gets on my shoe. you been served. massive facepalm.

if you cared about gaming you write real reviews. arent you wondering why everybody thinks your review is poo? you the one that's worried spending every bubble defending you smelly review. server farm? isn't the cream you know.

Monkeyboy2356d ago

That was actually N4G grabbing the period from the sentence when it converted the URL to a hyperlink. Not my fault and something that you should have been able to figure out on your own.

The rest of your response doesn't warrant a reply.

Diver2356d ago

ahahaha. love the page you just put up. its as useless as the review. you dont understand what it means to have a stanard with some kinda detail. you page doesn't explain crap. now p. dpnt you get that the oage shoyld have detail? an youre an editor? ahahahaha. im the king o siam.

eeps is supposed to figure out your opinion of what 'not innovative' is? see how that doesn't explain anything an still allows you just to spout off. well it its not any kinda standard hahaja. its even worse cause it shows you don't even understand detail or standards never mind not havin them. game set match to the gamers.

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Chuk52357d ago

maybe the game is just bad.

Rampaged Death2357d ago

That seems to be the point from what I have heard. I just hope developers look at this and see that it can be done but be so much better.

Ju2357d ago

Play the demo. It's not a 10/10, but it sure isn't a 3/10 either.

Bowzabub2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

From what I played In the demo I'd say a solid 7/10. I'm just glad they released a demo of it, now I know I will buy it in the long run.

teedogg802357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

It's not bad at all. I love the hell out of it! If you got a Vita and love FPSs you MUST buy this game.

NastyLeftHook02357d ago

This game has extrememely mixed reviews.

MattyG2357d ago

I can see a 50 or 60, but this game is most definitly not a 30. A 30 should be reserved for and unbearable game. Sure, it's lacking in content and doesn't feel like a true Resistance game, but it is far from unbearable.

raymantalk12357d ago

dunno why this game is getting low scores from some sites looks very good to me mind you i have noticed how most sony games seem to get low scores from some sites no matter how good the game is.

360GamerFG2357d ago

Who reviewed Gravity Rush, Uncharted games, heavy rain, killzone 2, god of war 3, lbp series if SONY games get low reviews?? Quit spreading your conspiracy theories everytime a bad sony game gets a score you don't like.

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