ArmA 3: E3 2012 Presentation Preview Video

DSOGaming writes: "ArmA 3 promises to be one of the best games of 2013 and Bohemia has just released a presentation preview E3 video for it."

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ardivt2385d ago

just replaying ARMAII and it's quite a good game and ARMAIII hopefully will also be as good. still the ARMA series is not able to make me relive the good feelings the operation flashpoint games gave me :(

Zha1tan2385d ago

That could be due to you getting older, ive found as ive aged games dont really have the same level of appeal anymore.

I still enjoy them but ive lost that sense of excitment and that adrenaline rush they used to give.

moral of the story: getting old sucks!

CyberCam2385d ago

So, so true!

Although, I am pumped for ArmA III though!

ardivt2385d ago

yeah youre absolutely right. I've also replayed operation flashpoint recently and to be honest: it sucks.
It's mostly nostalgia. We were so innocent back then and gaming was so different back then due to our lack of experience :)

Kahvipannu2385d ago

Hmmm.. Not for me. I tend to play old games as much as new ones. Recently I have played Master of Orion II, Medieval 2 with various mods, and original UFO: Enemy unknown.

New games... Just finished God of War 3 recently, and some Vindictus..

MurDocINC2385d ago

One thing hate about arma is you move like a robot, new animations and controls seem to fix that.