Resistance: Burning Skies Review [GameRevolution]

GR: "The final boss in Resistance: Burning Skies is absolutely atrocious. I'm shocked that the developers at Nihilistic felt comfortable releasing such a horrid finale to their first-person shooter on the Vita. It's an inexcusable blight on an otherwise solid, enjoyable game."

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alexcosborn2384d ago

It's unfortunate that Nihilistic dropped the ball with this one. Loved Resistance 3...

mafiahajeri2384d ago

It's unfortunate gamers cant judge a game for themselves anymore...

alexcosborn2384d ago

It's unfortunate that you assume I'm not well informed on the game and am just basing my opinion on the score in this review...

morganfell2384d ago

Whether you like Resistance or not it does not alter the fact this one of the most amateurish attempts at a review in recent memory.

It begins atrociously with absolutely no introduction whatsoever. The arc of the article is non-existent as this ill organized piece abandons structure in favor of adolescent outbursts connected only by the fact one sentence follows another. The writer randomly skips around in his review with the organization skills of a ricocheting bullet.

It was supposedly posted yesterday when the rest of the world had already downloaded an update and were deep in the throes of great multiplayer. One can only surmise he had neither the time nor the drive, or perhaps the wherewithal to play online.

I give this poor review a 1/10.

dbjj120882382d ago


Update or not, if a game is released broken I'd like reviews to let me know so the assholes who can't bother to release a finished game don't get my day 1 money.

edwineverready2384d ago

try the demo. I love the game.

godzilla722384d ago

Its ashame that reviewers are basing this compared to the console versions and not handheld!!! Game deserves an 8 out of 10. Ive been playing the heck out of it and its the best fps experience you are going to get right now on any portable. Thats what they need to grade this on!

NastyLeftHook02384d ago

Only can a Vita be so good as to have its games compared and rated like they are console games.

TheDivine2384d ago

Nah the game isnt great. I still enjoyed it and am having fun with the mp but theres problems. Its short, 4-5 hours in the campaign. The enemies stand there like a shooting gallery, the ones that move run into walls. Bosses suck, story is really bad and the cutscenes are fuzzy 240p crap and dont even tell the story hardly. Theres no sense of scale or epic moments just a linear A to B stop and shoot the targets with no platforming, no puzzles, no vehicles, and no on rails segments.

The thing is it wouldve been so easy to make it a 9/10 game. All it needed was a good coherant story, good cutscenes showing the invasion, better bosses, add some platforming and some puzzles, some scary moments going through creepy dark buldings with a flashlight, maybe a stealth segment like R3, and something cool like the train or prison segment from R3. A little more polish and few things to break up the basic gameplay and it would rock. I still had some fun with the campaign im not claiming its all bad, its just the most basic and average shooter ever lacking the charm and atmospere of even the psp game.

The MP is great now that it works though. If you bought/might buy for the MP you will be happy. Its really basic, just a few guns to choose from, 2 different grenades, and a few perks like faster reload and the like. No killstreaks and hardly any customization but i like that its really basic. Theres enough health to where you have a shot to fight back if your seen first. Theres no claymores, killstreaks, or crazy shit to worry about just 4 vs 4 one gun a piece and your skills. Its refreshing although they need more modes and i wouldve liked 6 vs 6 because ive been in games where its 3 vs 3 and 2 drop so its 3 vs 1 and empty. I dont think it will have legs because its too basic but for now its awesome and fun and gives me hope for great mp games on the vita.