What Would the Perfect Steam Box be Like?

Amid speculation that Valve is planning to unveil a console in the not so far off future, the staff at Modern Fictum has spent many a hazy, lazy day pondering our idealized version of a Steam Box. Already having established itself as the premier service provider of PC games on the web, many believe that if anyone could make some noise in the console arena, it would be either Apple or Valve. And although it is unlikely that the gaming masses would see a console from the industry behemoth anytime soon – after all, they are known for their “it’ll be done when it’s done” philosophy – that hasn’t stopped them from wondering just how it would function, and if it stood a chance of competing with the Big 3.

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thebudgetgamer2384d ago

Like an almost good enough PS3.

bwazy2384d ago

I already have the perfect one.

It's called my PC.

Cablephish2384d ago

It's already inside my computer case in case you wanted to know.