8.0 Reviews Resistance: Burning Skies

TG writes: The Resistance series has a history of a great story-lines great gameplay, and great mutliplayer action. With it's introduction to the PS Vita, it also brings the handheld its first dual analog stick first person shooter. Did developer Nihilistic live up to the standards set by Insomniac Games? Is this game a worthy addition to the Resistance family?

Read our review to find out.

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TerminalGamer2363d ago

Awesome game, I just wish the campaign had more meat to it.

kc_chang2363d ago

More great Vita games will be coming, can't wait!
Great Review !!!

morganfell2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

The controls for Resistance are really tight. Best implementation yet. And MP is a smackdown. Great time. It is incredible and very solid since the update. Really a blast to play.

I am in the Dust 514 Beta and I really want to see this running on the Vita. It was announced last year it would be and for them to allow you to pull your account there would just be incredible. If they have controls as well implemented as Resistance it will be a win win. Can't wait to see that, the new Bioshock title, and plenty more announced for the Vita.

ftwrthtx2363d ago

Huge fan of the series and enjoyed this addition. Just wish it was longer and hade more MP game types.

belac092363d ago

finally a real review, not comparing it to console games.