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Dragon's Dogma sales - good or bad for Capcom?

Dragon's Dogma is one hell of a cool game once you've sunk many hours into the large open world of Gransys, and yet despite mostly favourable reviews from the gaming press, as a new IP for Capcom it has been a hard sell. (Dragon's Dogma, PS3, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   880d ago
How much did the game sell worldwide though?
bunt-custardly  +   880d ago
Looking at VGcharts, those figures aren't available yet. It will be interesting to see if it breaks the quarter million mark in one week when all regions are factored.
Lavalamp  +   880d ago
Going by the Media Create numbers and some estimates, I'd say at least 500K.
moegooner88  +   880d ago
The game apparently sold 330,000 copies in Japan this week, on both PS3 n Xbox, great numbers if u ask me.
thorstein  +   880d ago
What is it called in Japan? I thought the name of this game was terrible, like they don't know what a dogma is...
The_Devil_Hunter  +   880d ago
Its called "The Dragons Principle"

Nah Im just kiddin I dont know.
MysticStrummer  +   880d ago
One site I saw had the title translated as Cult of the Dragon. I can't remember what language the site was focused on, but I thought that title was much cooler and made more sense. Either way, awesome game. I didn't need to play it long to be completely addicted.

I'm about to finish it for the second time, and I'm already planning to experiment with different vocation combos for my third run through. All melee, all magic, all archer... I've had a blast with every vocation and have them all at max rank. I hope Capcom patches in higher difficulty for NG+ though, or at least mix in the tougher endgame creatures during the regular game.

As for sales, I just pray it sells enough for a sequel.
thorstein  +   880d ago
"cult of the dragon" ..... with a title like that I prolly would've prebought.
ShaunCameron  +   878d ago
About 600K.
whiteyjuice  +   880d ago
Also, there is no PC version. This game would have been gorgeous on a decent PC. On the Xbox it has some graphical hiccups like very noticeable screen tearing. I would much rather own it on PC, and I think Capcom missed a lot of market share by not releasing a PC version.
Myst  +   880d ago
Well if it hasn't been good they will certainly be getting another customer. Too many of the reviewers and players had me think about getting it and now I want it! Not sure how many bought it but overall I think Capcom should be pleased with how the game has favored reception wise.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   880d ago
Dragons Dogma is a fantastic game. I am not an RPG fan at all, but I love this game. It is a blast to play, the combat is satisfying and reminds me very much of DMC. I often find myself thinking on this game when Im at work, its funny because that rarely happens to me. It is by all means not a perfect game yet it has so much in store for the player.
9/10 game
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Myst  +   880d ago
Curse you! /shakes fist/ I really want the game to :(.
Gen0ne  +   880d ago
He's right. This game rocks. This my 1st rpg and I am addicted. Get it.
Barneyco  +   880d ago
Maybe people are wary of Capcom? I know I am.
brish  +   880d ago
I didn't buy it because it's a capcom game. I expected disk locked content and there was.

Maybe I'll buy it when the super duper complete turbo edition comes out in 6 months that is the same game but the content isn't locked.

... or maybe I'll never buy it.
dorron  +   880d ago
Hey, this is Capcom. Dragon's Dogma may be a good game, but I believe most people, including me, are waiting to see how things evolve in DLC and ultimate collection terms...

Once the complete edition rolls in, the game will sell better.
JAMurida  +   880d ago
Is kinda sad that it has come to that point with games these days. I know people who held off on Skyrim and ME3 just because of DLC and ultimate packs that were sure to come out later down the line. I probably would of done the same with Dogma, but I was just so hooked on the game since ever playing the demo that it would of been torture for me. I was literally counting the days until release.

As for the sale figures, I just hope it sells enough to warrant a sequel. This game has a few flaws in it, but they're small things that can be EASILY fixed in the next game or even patches at that.

Hopefully if there is a sequel, it will follow the same path as White Knight Chronicles II and fix the few flaws in the previous game while adding new features that compliment it.
dorron  +   880d ago
I'm one of those holding off skyrim and ME3 till a GOTY edition. I've learnt this gen that waiting pays off: more content and cheaper.

DLCs are just rip offs.
mananimal  +   880d ago
not only that, but becuase its not gonna do huge "millions sold" numbers, its gonna get DISCOUNTED alot quicker also. Im excited about this game but dont wanna pay $60 or even $50 bucks for it, sorry capcom lol. It will be in the mid $20's range by this fall when the GOTY version is release with DLC content unlocked, CANT WAIT!!! LOL......PS- just purchased Dark Souls for $19.99 on Amazon.com(what a great deal for the patient!!! lol), so ill be battling through it for awhile.
dorron  +   880d ago
I had planned to buy Dark souls for this summer, but I don't know if I should wait for PS3 prepare to die edition...
CanadianTurtle  +   880d ago
New IP is always risky for companies but nowadays I think it isn't as bad because there are lots of gamers out there that are looking for newer and innovative IPs.

Borderlands was a new IP, and sure it didn't sell as much as everyone at Gearbox hoped it would on it's first month, but a few months later thats when things started to get unreal. Sales increased, and up till now, Borderlands has sold over 4 million copies. Good numbers for a new IP, it took a while but it still happened.
ReservoirDog316  +   880d ago
Haha, I just bought Borderlands and like it but a game built around co op shouldn't have voice chat issues this long after launch. It's ruining it.
CanadianTurtle  +   880d ago
Yea bro, I know what you mean. My friends and I played through the whole game on every mission twice, and the voice chat issues were just crap. Usually if I couldn't hear anyone during the lobby, but once the game started everything was fine. We had to rejoin lobbies until everyone could hear eachother. It took us 2 minutes of doing that before everytime we played lol But I think it was worth it, I couldn't believe how much fun the game was.

Can't wait for borderlands2. I'm glad you got Borderlands, its really worth the money
Lucretia  +   879d ago
Amazing game!!! SEQUEL NOW CAPCOM!!!
ShaunCameron  +   878d ago
At 600K for a new IP, that's as good as it gets.

And for the record regardless of generation, new IP's have always been hit or miss.
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