Friday Roundtable: Is E3 Still Relevant? -

Despite the pomp and ceremony, after last year's muddled and vapid expo, is E3 still a relevant event? It's something that rings especially true when most of this year's showings are titles long announced or obvious additions to established franchises. But not everyone shares this view.

The BNBGAMING crew discuss.

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Dante1122389d ago

I wonder why it wouldn't be all of a sudden lol? E3 is still relevant.

V0LT2389d ago

I think it is. It cuts down on all the rumors and bs you hear through out the year once its happened.

moeqawama2389d ago

There is a lot of excitement for E3 this year... It's definitely still relevant

KwietStorm2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

E3 articles every hour on the hour (including this one) for 3 months leading up to the actual event? Easily the leakiest time of the year with rumors flying around like Kryll? Yea I think someone still feels its relevant.

SKUD2389d ago

Monday still seems so far away. Can't wait for the madness to begin and get stuck on overdrive.

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