Revealed what may be the first box art of Wii U

For those who do not know the Maximum Games announced that it will Jett Tailfin Racers game developed by Brazilian studio Ilusis for 3DS and Wii U.

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Shok2384d ago

WTF is that game lol?

But I'd be disappointed if that were the actual boxart. The Wii U cases should look different from the Wii ones.

Moncole2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

I am also disappointed at the Wii U case. But it matters what's inside.

I want Nintendo to make the disks looks cool like wii disks.

ChickeyCantor2384d ago

I wish they started using compact cases. Just like the PS1 did. Just thinner.

NastyLeftHook02384d ago

cool looking boxart, it seems like forever untul wii u releases! hurry up nintendo i want the wii u already.

Khordchange2384d ago

Im gonna be buying my games digital anyway

Jihaad_cpt2384d ago

has Nintendo confirmed they will be relesing all games via DL? I'm sure they havent

ronin4life2384d ago

All games? No, as it will most likely be up to individual 3rd parties. Partnerships and deals have yet to be detailed, which may happen at e3.
All Nintendo games? Pretty much. Most, if not all Digital games released will be day and date with their physical counterpart as well.

Lazarus12092384d ago

I don't think this is what the box art will be like. It's waaaaaaay too similar to the Wii's current form. Even the DS and 3DS packaging is differentiated by black vs. white cases.

If this is what the Wii U art scheme looks like, I'd expect the case itself to at least be light blue in color, to compliment the Wii U logo. We'll see in just a couple of days.

LAWSON722384d ago

Nintendo needs to realize making everything look like the wii is not going to help this sell

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The story is too old to be commented.