What Makes Diablo III So Darned Good?

Diablo III is the fastest-selling PC game of all time, picking up rave reviews from most respected media outlets, including a 9.5 on IGN. But what is it about this game that makes it so damned fine? Is it a work of art, or is it a devilish psychological trap?

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Godmars2902388d ago

From what I'm hearing: denial and the usual over-hype.

JsonHenry2388d ago

I had fun with it. But I would not consider it great or fantastic by any means. I'm already back to playing Dota 2 beta and un-installed D3.

CarlosX3602388d ago

Why don't you people stop hating...

It just shows you got nothing better to do.

Neckbear2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Unlike you, glorious knight from a prestigious corp dedicated to...defending things online?

Surely your superiority amongst the plebeian critics (which are, by the way, correct in most aspects) is shown with your honorary title, as well as white stallion and shiny armor granted by the Duke of Blizzard for defending his creations from the ugly, poor and smelly loafers that roam around the Kingdom of the Internet. For the Duke shall make no mistake in wording or actions ever. EVER!

adorie2388d ago

140 hours+

and I agree with Godmars, to an extent.

thebudgetgamer2388d ago

Seems like an average dungeon crawler to me.

kevnb2388d ago

its the enemies. Ive never seen a game with so many different types of unique enemies. They also actually feel like they belong in the environment instead of just some thugs in a corner somewhere for no reason.

CarlosX3602388d ago

That's an interesting point.

hiredhelp2388d ago

For thoes judging a book by its cover i suggest you eaither get your hands on the game or shut up.
Game offers a great experiance and challanges higher your evel harder the game gets, you can call upon your freinds to join in help you or simply open up the game to the public.
This game does have depth story gameplay great mix ask me.

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