Tales of Graces f Review |

Tales of Graces f begins with two young brothers, Asbel and Hubert, who find a mysterious girl while exploring a place called Lhant Hill. After some discussion with this girl, she has no recollection of who she is or where she is from. She cannot remember any other important details that would help identify her. With this information in mind, eleven year-old Asbel decides that it is too dangerous to leave her by herself and takes the mysterious girl back to his hometown to request the help of the townsfolk in identifying her. After no one in town is able to identify her or give him information that helps him identify who she might be, Asbel decides to take personal responsibility for her. Asbel names her Sophie based off of the Sopheria flowers that grow in the field they found her in. Asbel and Sophie, along with their other friends, begin an epic journey in the making.

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