Dragon's Dogma Review (

This Capcom adventure is a great one...even with those pesky "Pawns".

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NastyLeftHook02388d ago

i got to check out dragons dogma sometime, it seems really fresh (played the demo)

Lucretia2388d ago

faaaar better than the demo my friend :)

camel_toad2388d ago

Yeeep, waaay better than the demo. For all of its little faults the games overall fun and addiction value really win me over.

If you like exploring in your rpgs then this is definitely for you. Im finding the exploration to be much more rewarding than recent rpgs. No copy and paste dungeons like Skyrim and nowhere near the linearity of the Witchers exploration.

helghast1022388d ago

It's kickass, I hope you weren't planning on doing anything productive.

dc12388d ago

That my friend, is one true statement!
My wife just puts her hands on her which I typically respond "just give me a fee more minutes (little lie), I just have to finish this quest!"

dc12388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Do it!
Very very good game and great RPG.

Reborn2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Yeah, once you start exploring, you won't stop. I can't see an end in sight.


I didn't know that little secret care, the Nightfall one was even there. LOL.