EA's E3 Lineup is a Little Underwhelming

EA released their E3 lineup today. With the likes of Dead Space 3, Need for Speed, and Battlefield 3 DLC, it looks to be a strong showing for the publisher. So, why does it feel a little...underwhelming? Cassidee from shares her thoughts.

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NYC_Gamer2391d ago

I'm not excited about the list because it's full of sequels....I'll wait til E3 and hope EA announces some fresh software...

DFresh2391d ago

Out of the line up I'm interested in the following.

Dead Space 3 (PC)

Crysis 3 (PC)

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters/Armored Kill (PC)

That's about it.

HBK6192391d ago

Completely agree. It's a very drab list to say the least.

2 games being shown off that are already out? I didn't think it was THAT much of an advertisement scheme.

NFS: Most Wanted is a must look at because it's Criterion and they always do good work. But why couldn't they be doing a Burnout Paradise follow up?

And Dead Space 3 is interesting only because the other 2 were fantastic, but that's even looking iffy with the introduction of cover, co-op and human enemies.

Everything else is just bland. I remember 2 years ago EA came out with 10 games that just blew me away. This year it's 10 games with way too much sports focus and 'me too'ism.