Digital Foundry - Face-Off - Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Thomas Morgan writes:

"To round up, if you're one of the lucky souls who happen to own both platforms, the 360 version comes as a clear recommendation here for its smoother frame rate and clearer image quality, though it should be stressed that the PS3 is no slouch.

Variances in lighting aside, both games offer up very close results in the visual department. The superior treatment of the 360's image comes as a result of its superior edge detect algorithm, where texture-work can look a tad blurred over on PS3 by comparison. The sub-HD native resolution leaves some noticeable aliasing on both platforms too, but the 360's post-processing tackles this with a greater degree of success."

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MerkinMax2384d ago

I played the beta on both 360 and PS3 and noticed it immediately. Kinda sad to see discrepancies this large so late into the console generation.

blackbirdi2384d ago

@sltPoison i think its an engine issue coz the fxaa implemtation has the same script

yewles12384d ago

They gotta' stop using FXAA on the PS3 through the RSX, it's bad. MLAA through the Cell is much better.

Oldman1002384d ago

I like this comment:

"GRAW2 (2007) - 1280x720
GRFS (2012) - 1024x600

I love this generation."

jetlian2384d ago

well thats what they have to do to get better gfx

andron2383d ago

But why is the AA implementation different on PS3, couldn't they have fixed this so the two versions looked the same?

DF should get an interview with the devs and find out...