Capcom has to admit that Resident Evil isn't about Horror Anymore

Xbigy Games' Kamran Draeger writes:

"A new interview with Resident Evil 6's Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Director Yoshikai Hirabayashi on was released, in which they promise that they are still "trying to make a horror experience". Needless to say, from what we've heard so far and what they are telling us, I believe they should just embrace the fact that Resident Evil has nothing much to do with fear anymore."

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Lord_Sloth2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

It wasn't all that horrifying to begin with.

Lucretia2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

exactly. The games were puzzle games in a horror theme. they were never scary. although i don't get scared by media.

your more likely to die in a COD match by a 5 year old than die in deadspace or resident evil

i think people get scared because they think they are supposed to get scared.

games are good, but seriously people, they arent scary.


Your very right. Just cause the games aren't scary doesn't mean it shouldn't atleast make you feel in danger, Odd comparison but the world of Demon/Dark Souls has more of a horror feel to it because of the level of danger and excitement. You have to feel that you may die if you turn the corner. That would give a better feeling.

but as of now like i said, Movies, or games can't scare me because they aren't real.

kamruk2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

you're absolutely right, media just doesn't do that after a while, but what's missing in my opinion is the survival horror which made for exciting moments

FFXI101 mentioned Alone in the Dark, that was also a game for instance that had you frightened in a way, not because it was "scary" but because there were monster you couldn't maw down with a machine gun, but you had to flee


I that hadn't crossed my mind, you're indeed correct, the Souls series really did a good job in capturing that feeling of danger

Hisiru2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

"your more likely to die in a COD match by a 5 year old than die in deadspace or resident evil"

This is a very very very stupid comment. I am sorry but you NEVER played Dead Space or even Resident Evil Director's Cut on hard. Sometimes it's even "Trial and error" (which means that you WILL die no matter what).

And Dark/Demon Souls? Scary? Youve got to be kiddin. Just because the game is extremely hard, it doesn't make the game scary, it's just that you don't want to die and lose your souls. The atmosphere in Dead Space , soundtrack, enemies, pace, enviroments, surprise attacks etc is what makes Dead Space scary.

And obviously, if you played Resident Evil 1 yesterday you won't be scared, because it's old tech, old movies/CGs, old approach for the game, old gameplay, old graphics and bla bla bla. Everything is old in this game and that's what makes Lord_Sloth's comment dumb as well. If you played this game back in the days you would have much more chances of being scared just like old Dracula/zombie movies (which wouldn't make me feel scared today but I was scared back in the days).

Lucretia2384d ago

and for the record hisiru

I always play the games on hard. every game i play.

played Deadspace 1 and 2 on hard, beat all RE games on all difficulties, and played RE since it launched, stop assuming its not possible because you can't do it.

dont assume I haven't played something if you don't know me

Hisiru2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

You already proved you're a liar. Resident Evil 1 is full of 'trial and error' sequences and you will die if pick up a wrong bright item. If you really played RE1 on hard, it's impossible not to die unless you didn't tried to pick up any item in bathrooms and some other areas.

You never played Resident Evil 1 on hard or even Dead Space 1 on hard.

Don't lie, it's ugly.

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Virtual_Reality2384d ago

Resident Evil classics were a perfect example of Survival Horror. Or just compare Resident Evil Remake to Resident Evil 5 when it comes to survival horror.

NastyLeftHook02384d ago

The best were

1 2 nemesis zero and dead aim (best)

code veronica, 4 were pretty good.

the rest of them (bad)

RedDead2384d ago (Edited 2384d ago )

Best was 4. Then Remake, 2, CV, 1, nemesis, 5

Yeah I agree with above too, they aren't reall scary, thy have horror settings and horror moods(sound effects, music) but they simply don't scare

CrimsonDream2384d ago

Yeah Resident Evil has gone from survival horror to an action movie...oh well...either way...

Capcom has a lot of things to admit to :/

FFXI1012384d ago

Yeah, I still remember playing RE1 and 2 alone in the dark.

Whenever I hear something crawling, it always makes me nervous. I thought I knew when and where they are going to pop up but most time I was wrong and when they do, it almost made me jump out of my chair :)

smashcrashbash2384d ago

RE4 in my opinion was still pretty scary. I mean I don't see how you can tell me fighting invisible insects stalking you in a sewer, running from chainsaw welding maniacs in a burlap mask,facing off against heavy breathing monsters that get back up after you shoot them and heads that explode to reveal tentacled mouths that can bite your head off and fighting a lake monster with only a harpoon isn't scary.

However anything else after that I agree whole heatedly. Going coop or with a squad of people armed to the teeth completely negates the scare factor.With RE4 at least there was still the fact that you where basically going it alone with your only true allies being basically helpless or not really helpful at all.There was no doubt that you were out gunned and outnumbered.

kamruk2384d ago

I actually felt that playing RE4 for the very first time still had a little bit of the RE feel to it, it blended action with fear, though as soon as you played through it once, you knew the tricks and had all kinds of fancy gadgets.

RE5 just took action to the next level which was horribly wrong, though even kawata said thats the natural progression and he worked on revelations!

Coop makes things even worse. A series I still had hopes for, was Dead Space, however 2 went further in the action direction and 3 is adding coop making it a slaughter fest.

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